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British Columbia

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'''British Columbia''' (short: BC) is the Westernmost province of [[Canada]], between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.
The capital city is [[Victoria (Canada)|Victoria]] situated on the Vancouver Island, while [[Vancouver]] is the largest city and the third metropole of [[Canada]], but is on the mainland, not the island.
The legality of hitchhiking is described in BC's ''Motor Vehicle Act''. According to section 182 (3), "A person must not be on a roadway to solicit a ride, employment or business from an occupant of a vehicle." However, the Act defines roadways to mean "the portion of the highway that is improved, designed or ordinarily used for vehicular traffic, but does not include the shoulder, and if a highway includes 2 or more separate roadways, the term "roadway" refers to any one roadway separately and not to all of them collectively (...)", albeit there are a number of highways which entirely bar pedestrian use (see external links). While this indicates that hitchhiking should be legal when standing on the shoulder of a highway, law enforcement may not be aware of the details of this legislation.
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