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'''{{FULLPAGENAMEE}}''' is a great place to hitch from and use as a half-way home. The road connecting the Albanian coast with North Macedonia runs through the centre of the city and there is a direct road leaving Elbasan for Tirana.
[[File:525108_2779930837125_53226217_n.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Elbasan old city(castle)]]
== Hitching out ==
=== East towards [[Republic of Macedonia|North Macedonia]], [[Pogradec]], [[Korçë]] ===
From the stadium in the centre of town, walk out along Rruga Kamber Sejdini which soon joins with SH3. Cars will not be travelling very fast so just start trying to get a lift whilst walking. Ask for Librazhd which is about half the way to Lake Ohrid. You can wait at 'Besmiri','Alpet' or 'Ap Anoil' gas station near the Krasta hill (downtown). Also to be sure go further than that and you have more possibilities to catch a car. You must say before you enter the car that you don't have money.

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