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'''Bulgaria''' is a country in [[Eastern Europe]] bordering [[Romania]], [[Serbia]], [[Republic of Macedonia|North Macedonia]], [[Greece]] and [[Turkey]], a member of the [[European Union]] but not yet the Schengen zone. It's a good country for hitchhikers since this was a common way of traveling in socialist times when few people had cars. There are hardly any roads where hitchhiking would be prohibited. Except for a few stretches of true motorway, it is possible to thumb directly on the road and stop passing cars.
Hitching is slightly easier from the east to the west or vice versa because the motorway [[Sofia]]-[[Plovdiv]] is a part of the main route from Western and Central Europe to [[Turkey]]. Hitchhiking between the north and south is somewhat slower
* [[Kalotina-Dimitrovgrad border crossing]], the main border crossing.
=== [[North Macedonia]] ===
* [[Kriva Palanka-Kyustendil border crossing|Kriva Palanka-Kyustendil]], in the north
* [[Delchevo-Blagoevgrad border crossing|Delchevo-Blagoevgrad]], in the south.

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