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* If you are going to Berlin, just make a sign saying ''Berlin'', you will probably get a straight lift from here or at least to Freienhufener where it's very easy to hitch to Berlin from the petrol station/truck stop there.
* If you are going to Poland, make a sign saying ''Bautzen''. That's only a short ride, but just before Bautzen there's a great service area on the motorway where it's easy to find a lift to Poland.
The gas stations may not be the best place to hitchhike. There is a good sized entry lane for the shell gas station but the exit has no feeder lane which means you kind of have to choose between the street traffic or just the people at the gas station. The same goes for the second gas station.
==== Option 2 ====
Another good hitchhiking spot is very close to the motorway ramp. From Bahnhof Neustadt take the bus 81 towards ''Wilschdorf'' and get off at ''Hellerberge''. If you stand besides the bus station with a sign ''Berlin'', you probably won't wait for long.
There is also a similar and possibly slightly better bus stop after a traffic light 500 meters up the road from the second gas station in Option one. It seemed liked this one has more time with the light being red meaning more drivers had to come to a complete stop before passing the bus stop.
==== Option 3 ====
If you don’t have any luck with the above options, one can also simply head to the motorway ramp itself. There is enough space there for cars to stop and maybe even a truck if you are lucky.
==== Option 4 ====
Very often there are hitchhikers right behind the railway station ''Dresden-Neustadt''. Be aware that this is a common meeting point for car-pools, so if you stop a car there you might be asked to contribute to the cost of fuel, although generally it is very unlikely as anywhere else in Germany.
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