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April 2019 - suburbandrifter: The motorway border crossing certainly is the best spot to catch rides towards pretty much anywhere in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, etc. Worked for me countless times. During summer even many Turkish people living in Germany pass through on their route through Southeastern Europe. You can approach drivers directly at the spot where most buy motorway toll stickers for Hungary (the shop is located right at the former border infrastructure). What's more, you can even find a vast truck stop area just a bit further, where many have their night or weekend breaks.
Actually there is an '''easier way to get there''' than described by the user before. Take '''bus Nr. 90''' (schedule here:[]) till the stop '''''Čunovské jazerá''''' (it's a request stop, so watch out!), and then just walk further along that road, where to your right, across the field, you can already see the motorway. After about one kilometer, you will reach a farm track leading to the right, across the railway tracks towards a bridge over the motorway, where you can already spot the former border infrastructure. Depending on the season, you might have to fight your way through a corn field, though, but that's our deal, right?

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