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=== South towards [[Valencia]], [[Alicante]] {{Aes|AP-7}} & West towards [[Zaragoza]], [[Madrid]] {{Aes|A2}} ===
==== Option 1: AP-7 Motorway Service Station Porta de Barcelona (CastellbispalCastellbisbal) ====
Take Renfe train R4 direction ''St.Vicente de Calders'' from either ''Barcelona Sants'', ''Plaça Catalunya'' or ''Arc de Triomf'', to ''Castellbisbal''.
''Note: If you have a map, and try to find the directions below on it, you will find that they make no sense. It is very likely that your map does NOT display the brand new high-speed train tracks that pass 10m north of the train station. DO NOT follow your map, follow the instructions. Or follow the map link that is provided below.''
From the train station, go left and take the dirt road that leads out and cross under the railway tracks on your right. Walking on this road, you'll come across a surfaced road on your right, that will lead to a bigger road. When you reach this bigger road, you'll see a bridge on your right. Turn left here, and then immediately to the right, to a small street, at the end of which you can see a "stop" sign from the distance. Go straight until it turns into a dirt road, keep going on the dirt road until you reach the petrol station. There will be other roads left and right, ignore them. This whole walk from the station to the service station shouldn't take you much more than 30 minutes (besides, you can find signs on the last road that directly takes you to the service station, showing you that you're on the right way to the "área de servicio").
If you are trying to get to Madrid and you use this route, stay on the side going south and try putting Lleida on your sign. [,1.978912&hl=en&geocode=FY3TeAIdtQoeAA%3BFUzeeAIdvAceAA%3B&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=2&sz=16&via=1&sll=41.469149,1.978118&sspn=0.007943,0.01929&ie=UTF8&ll=41.471769,1.97505&spn=0.007942,0.01929&t=h&z=16 Way to walk] and [ Location]
This doesn't work anymore, it is impossible to get from "St.Vicente de Calders" to any petrol station.
ꜛI think this user did not read the instructions right and got off on the wrong stop (St Vicente de Calders), from Castellbisbal I walked to the petrol station following the instructions and I got my ride to Malaga with a nice trucker in less than 10 minutes - Mario C. 27/08/2016
This is correct. Train R4 from Plaza Catalunya costs 3.50 € (single ticket). I got a ride within 10 minutes at the exit of the gas station. - Mars42 29/11/2018
==== Option 2: AP-7 Motorway Service Station Bellaterra ====

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