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=== East/Southeast towards [[Vilnius]], [[Druskininkai]], [[Varėna]], [[Hrodna]] ([[Belarus]]) ===
([| Public transportation site]) You can check public transport using this site in English and other languages.
Take a minibus 1,2,3,8,12 towards ''AB "Dainava"'' ([| Public transportation map]). Get out at the last stop, walk 100 meters and you'll see the city sign with "Alytus" crossed out. This is the spot. Also you can hitchhike directly at AB "Dainava" bus station, easy cards to stopcars can easilly pull over. about 5 km, the road splits into the directions of Vilnius and [[Druskininkai]] (or [[Hrodna]] in [[Belarus]]). The driver should know where to let you out, if you want to skip this - have a sign with your destination on it.
=== North towards [[Kaunas]], [[Klaipėda]], [[Latvia]] ===

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