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* '''254-27 January 20197 July 2020''' [[Competitive autostop]] winter race organized by the [[DTSG]] in the Rhön mountains (central Germany). More information on their [] Conference Panel -race"Autostop/hitchhiking: socio-2019/ website in English]spatial understandings" at the Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future conference (London). Everybody welcome to participate!
* '''277-31 August 8 December 2019''' ''IUAES2019 CFP - Hitchhiking[https: affect, spaces and stories//facebook.'' A academic panel will dicuss hitchiking during August com/hungarohitch HungaroHitch] organizes a hitchhiking race in PolandHungary, starting from Budapest. We will hitch to the event, Registration and try an organise some activity during the event. For more information, visit info on our [httpshttp://wwwhungarohitch.cas-scacom/index_eng.cahtml webpage] or [ herehungarohitch Facebook] or email me at [email protected] - username Subaculture on CS/BW etc.
== Old Events ==
* '''20-26 July 2019''' [ BLAF 2019] yearly hitchhiking competition in Denmark.
* '''August 2019''' European [[Hitchgathering]] starting in Denmark at the beginning of August and moving to Albania around the middle of the month. ([[Hitchgathering/2019|Read more]]).
* '''31 July - 4 August 2019''' [ HitchFest 2019] in Portugal! The HitchFest is back, to deepen our sharing around travel, ecology, activism, art and self-discovery. Like [ the page], join [ the event] and [ support the crowdfunding]!
* '''09-11 August 2019''' [ NametFest 2019] the biggest touristic festival in Ukraine! [ Details]
* '''3-11 August 2019''' After traveling Istanbul, Lisbon, Palermo, Thessaloniki, Baku and the cold North Cape last year, we will hitchhike this year from [[Gdańsk]] (Poland) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain). Free, cool people, big adventure ([ FB]).
* '''16 - 31 August 2019''' [[Tramprennen]] 2019 - hitchhiking-race from Germany to Romania! More information on []
* '''27-31 August 2019''' ''IUAES2019 CFP - Hitchhiking: affect, spaces and stories.'' An academic panel will discuss hitchhiking in the end of August in Poland. We will hitch to the event, and try an organise some activity during the event. For more information, visit [ here] or email me at [email protected] - username Subaculture on CS/BW etc.
* '''22-24 June 2019''' 6th Swiss Hitchhiking Championship: As every year we will start in the little bilingual town [[Fribourg]] (not to confound with Freiburg in Germany ;) ) and will hitchhike in teams of 2 people to a surprise destination. Participation is free. Register [ here].
* '''1-2 June 2019''' - HungaroHitch organizes a hitchhiker race in Hungary, starting from [[Budapest]]. Registration and more info on our [ website] or [ FB].
* '''30 May - 3 June 2019''' - Hitchhiker Gathering in Tosor, [[Kyrgyzstan]]: Let's meet at the southern shore of Issyk Kul lake. There are plenty of abandoned beaches and hitchhiking is pretty easy in this area. The mountains just some hundered meters away. [ FB] or [ Trustroots Meeting]
* '''8 June 2019''' Pentecost race - Hitchhiking: Starting from [[Dresden]], Germany we hitch hike around 400km to a wonderful, yet still secret destination that will be announced at the start of the event. Although strictly, it's a race, we basically hitchhike for fun and for the sake of meeting new people. Around 50 teams/100 participants can join. Visit [ our website] for more information/to join!
* '''27 April - 6 May 2019''' - Same as every year, 6 different size hitchhiking races start from different locations in Poland, going mostly southwards. More info at events sites: [ AutoStopRace] [ MMA] [ Wyścig Autostopem] [ KrakoStop] [ PoliRajd] [ Autostop Challange]
* '''2 February 2019''' We're trying to set up a hitchhikers gathering in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Saturday, February 2nd. If you're around and you'd like to join, shout out on our event on [ Couchshurfing] website.
* '''25-27 January 2019''' [[Competitive autostop]] winter race organized by the [[DTSG]] in the Rhön mountains (central Germany). More information on their [ website in English]. Everybody welcome to participate!
* '''1 January 2019''' ''Roadtrip to Marokko'' - Anyone interested in joining a hitchhiking trip down to Marokko? I am a real hippie guy who wants to get out of the cold! I will be starting in Hamburg in Germany and I want to be in Marokko for a few months. Greets Nick email:[email protected]
* '''17 August - 1 September 2018''' [[Tramprennen]] 2018 - hitchhiking-race from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to Bosnia! More information on []
* '''1-14 August 2018''' - [[Hitchgathering/2018|Hitchgathering 2018]] in Razana near Kosjerić, Serbia ([ fb]).
* '''4-11 August 2018''' - Competitive Hitchhiking Race by the Russian Club of Competitive Hitchhiking [ Клуб Спортивного Автостопа].
* '''4-12 August 2018''' - [ 7. European Hitchhike Competition] from Leipzig to North Cape.

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