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* ''''30 December 2018''' ''Hitchhiking to Sweden from Gronigen'' I am a student in Groningen. I would like to do hitchhiking form Groningen to Bremen, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmo and Helsinborg. Feel free to contact me [email protected]
* '''1 January 2019''' ''Roadtrip to Marokko'' - Anyone interested in joining a hitchhiking trip down to Marokko? I am a real hippie guy who wants to get out of the cold! I will be starting in Hamburg in Germany and I want to be in Marokko for a few months. Greets Nick email:[email protected]
* '''29 December - 1 January 2018''' - ''Italian Alps NYE Gathering at [ Casera Presoldon]'': Stunning views, cozy chimney fire, food from the trash, sledging, skiing, hiking in snow.... We're a bunch of hitchhikers meeting at this place and you can come too!

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