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'''Quarim''' is a hitchhiker from [[Trier]], [[Germany]] [[Image:flag_Germany.png|18px|border]].
He has hitchhiked in 21 countries in [[Europe]] but most of the way he did in Germany.
[[User:Quarim/log|See his logfile of hitchhiking for more statistics]]
[[User:Quarim/log|See He also enjoys traveling on his logfile of road bike. Right now not hitchhiking for more statistics]]very much.
Quarim can communicate in german and english and also can make himself understandable in french and spanish, gaved up to learn russian.
== Tasks ==
* He was one of the organisators of the [[abgefahren hitchhiking race 2009]], [[abgefahren hitchhiking race 2010|2010]], [[abgefahren hitchhiking race 2011|2011]] and [[abgefahren hitchhiking race 2012|2012]]. He works for [[abgefahren e.V.]]
* In summer 2012 Quarim published the hitchhiking story book ''[ Hit the Road]'' in german.

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