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In February 2012, KiwiAoraki hitchhiked in some areas of Ethiopia. Locals, especially away from tourist areas can either be very curious or a real annoyance. It can be difficult to get a lift if you have a mob of 8 children following you. When he hitched from Harar to Addis Ababa he was picked up by an NGO vehicle and given a lift for 70 km without charge. A ute then picked him up going all the way to Addis, but the driver got angry upon dropping him off due to not having any birr. Drivers usually expect payment from hitchhikers, especially foreigners.
in October 2018, [[User:TheLoneBaker|TheLoneBaker]] hitchhiked from the Sudan border to the Kenya border. He only encounter a single child who threw rocks and it wasn't directed at him as a foreigner. He was on a minibus that had offered him a free lift and the child threw the rock at the bus. SO perhaps this supposed rock throwing is not actually directed at foreigners so much as just bored children throwing rocks at moving targets. Hitchhiking itself was quite easy especially inside the city limits of Addis Ababa. He was also offered a hotel room almost every single night as opposed to being invited inside peoples homes. Again though, none of the drivers expected payment when asked beforehand.
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