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=== Southwest towards [[Sarajevo]] and [[Montenegro]] ===
[[File:Donraspunicum.jpeg|right|thumb|150px|[[User:Kristian|Kristian]] hitchhiking towards [[Čačak]] in Belgrade (2013)]]
There are 2 ways to Sarajevo, one through Čačak-Uzice, a bit south, the other one more direct but not written on online maps... The one through Čačak worked well for us. Take the bus 53 from the green open market called "Zelena pijaca" (the stop is called ''Zeleni venac'') in the center, to the last station(''Vidikovac''). Then just follow the street for one minute, turn right, here is the exit to the motorway, climb up the bridge and try to hitchhike there, there is some place for cars to pull over, but in Serbia when they want to stop the car the dont really need a proper place ;). It seems that buses 531, 532, 533 go further, but it's not really needed, and they might be regional buses. Use signs ČA and/or UE (ČaČak-Uzice).[[User:P40fA|Jan]] hitched a ride to Čačak in Sep 2018 here in ten minutes. 
This way through Čačak-Uzice is not the fastest but in t0ma5´s opinion very interesting, it will take you 6-7 hours to reach Sarajevo and before leaving Serbia you will pass near by GuČa, where a crazy Balkan music festival takes place every summer and just before the Bosnian border is Mokra Gora, the ethno village that the filmmaker Kusturica made for his movie, Life is a Miracle, you can visit it in few hours if you have the times but there is entrance fee.
After Uzice there is not much traffic going to Bosnia since after the border and before Sarajevo there is not any big city, so if you get a ride the driver will probably take u all the way to Sarajevo :)
This route is also useful to get to Montenegro - just use the ''Montenegro'' or ''MNE'' sign after you get out of Belgrade. The drivers usually go through Nova Varoš and Bijelo Polje.
=== North towards [[Novi Sad]] and [[Budapest]] {{European Route Number|75}} ===

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