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'''Jass''' has been hitching ever since making his way out of the womb.
Strange vehicles :A backwards ride school bus converted into a horse transporter - [[Boston]]-[[Rhode Island]]-[[Lowell]] (o'kerouacstill with front seats, and still reeking of horse dung. 500km, you were born here!)Scandinavia. It went as follows.An ambulance, Rio Grande Do Sur, Brazil.The back of a huge truck, wall-I have to save my friend from her abusive boyfriend! Would you like an adventure and quite a detour?less trailer through the mountains of Peru. -Of course! A pimp's car.
Two coaches Interests in one week : [[Norway]]/[[Sweden]], early August, 2010. Never ridden a [[tractor]] yet..but one bicycle in [[Netherlands]]. Countless expensive cars. As many beatdown cars approximately. Still no [[limousine]], brrr, one day!  Leave grafitti at enjoyable to read, o' roadside poetry!  Longest ride - 1,200km, [[Nurnberg]], [[Germany]] - [[Cluj-Napoca]], [[Romania]]  Two caravans in one day, August 7th '10, [[Germany]] covering some 755km. Slowly. Of course..but a bed, lunch as it poured with rain..what more could a man ask for? Strangest recent ride..'Hello there..I'm a norwegian redneck. Nope, never been to the states, but I just love their attitude, their lifestyle, their -don't-give-a-fuck existence. Yeap, glad to meet you'. Inside, he had a thousand hanging perfume dashboard hangers. The cops would often pull him over because he blocking the road visionrements. 'But see, I just pull them back down now just when they come over to me!'(August '10)

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