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==== Option 4. Lorraine TGV ====
French railway operator SNCF has been running low-cost TGVs under the brand [ OuiGO] since a few years. The good news is that from the summer 2018 it runs from Gare de l'Est within city limits and at a reasonable time (12:55) instead of running at 6 am from the rail station at the airport. If you buy a bit in advance you can get a ticket to Lorraine TGV (in the outskirts of [[Metz]] , or [[Strasbourg] ] main station for as low as 10 €, although the fare you're more likely to find is around 15-20 €.
=== Getting South or Southwest {{Afr|6}}, {{Afr|10}}, or {{Afr|11}} ===

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