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Bay Area

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=== Going South (Highway 1, towards [[Santa Cruz]] and scenic route towards [[Los Angeles]]) ===
HIGHWAY 1 CLOSED BETWEEN RAGGED POINT and GORDA : ''BE CAREFUL DUE TO MUD and ROCK SLIDES the Highway 1 is closed between RAGGED POINT and GORDA since May 2017 and should apparently REOPEN at the END of JULY 2018.'' you can still take the 101 from Santa Cruz till San Luis Obispo instead.
In San Francisco, go to 19th Avenue, which is also Highway 1. Find a good traffic light while walking South. You can even start in the Golden Gate Park. Along Great Highway (e.g. at the end of the L metro line) also works extremely well and may have less local traffic. These are both very good options if you don't want to pay for a bus/BART.

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