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'''The place is open and hosts guestsempty.'''
To be here, usually not much is needed. The kitchen is filled with food most of the time and the house offers a lot of rooms with sleeping opportunities. If you intend to visit the place, you can add yourself to ''"[[#Inbound|Inbound]]"'' and [ send an email to the crew] with the intended dates, to make it easier for others, to accomodate you.
Between public events there is was an emergency crew present at the place to care of the basic infrastructure and to welcome guests. However more people are needed as a permanent / temporary crew to improve the workshops. If you think of joining the crew for a week or two, you can add your name here:* present: noone === Inbound ===  ===Possible projects===''The following projects are open for volunteers interested in [[User:Kardanshare:skillsharing|Kardanskillsharing]]. Add your name if you are interested.''
===Current projects===
[[File:Earthship Traumschule August 2017.JPG|thumb|right|250px|Earthship "[ anima mundi]" at Traumschule]]
[[File:Traumschule Earthship - Clayworks during HG17.JPG|thumb|right|250px|Clayworks during [[#Hitchgathering.2F2017|Hitchgathering 2017]]]]
* ''Progress:'' In 2016 the house became a closed interior, in 2017 the inner and outer walls got additional layers of clay to improve the heat storage capacity and close some holes that resulted from drying and weather. During the summer days inside the temperature rises to more than 30°C which is optimal to dry the walls. [ more images]
''Currently there are no public workshops'.'
''This is the place to publicly announce workshops or events.''
''The following projects are open for volunteers interested in [[:share:skillsharing|skillsharing]]. Add your name if you are interested.''
* '''Water system''':
** ''Idea:'' Use water from the well (depth: 30 meter) to save costs for showering and using the washing machine.
** This project can only take place with 5 to 15 participants.
** Interested: [[User:Kardan|Kardan]] ([[User_talk:Kardan|contact]])
''If '''Traumschule''' is on your route, you can add your name and the estimated time here to meet others at this place.''
''To find travel partners to leave this place, you can add your name here with the direction and date.''
= Past Events =

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