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===== Directions =====
Take the 32 bus south east to Trattfelderstraße. Just behind the stop is a bridge/overpass, with a ramp leading up. Carefully walk in the grass up to a traffic circle, where you'll see signs for any direction you want to go. There is a small shoulder right before the exit towards Slovenia, you can stand at the front of this area with your sign and get all the traffic heading towards Slovenia from this area. ‎
<i>(<b>Note:</b> "If you ever get stuck here at night, know that if you cross to the other side and turn right, along this path you'll come across a metal staircase where I made home for the night on the lowest level (though it doesn't give full protection from wind/rain, also can get quite cold, so having a sleeping mat is preferred), and also bought food from the petrol station about a 2 min walk away. "</i>[[User:Chillion|Chillion]])
===== Personal experiences =====

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