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Joachim and Ron asked and waited for 2 hours in the truck stop mentioned above, they decided to walk along the ring road towards the E85. After about 4 kilometers and just before a traffic light, there's a Turkish truck stop. You can't miss it's on the right side. We walked in, showed our sign "Istanbul" and found a ride within 1 minute. 5 minutes later drinking tea, they agreed to take us all the way to Istanbul.
[[User:Nyph|Nyph]] I tried it last in May 2018. I She stopped a little before the gas station comes and only waited for 15min maximum. The driver told me her that it would be cleverer and safer to start in the city. This location was at the edge, he wouldn't recommend it. I'm not sure what to think about that, because I wouldn't know where to start. The driver took me her near Ruse, BG; from there I she found a truck driver who took me her to the border of BG/TR (near Edirne), from there I she found a ride to Istanbul.Good luck!
=== Northeast towards Urziceni, [[Buzau]], [[Braila]], [[Galaţi]] {{E|85}} ===

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