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Take the subway to Daeyami on the south side of Seoul (blue line Oido direction). Walk out of
Daeyami station and turn left. Keep going until you get to the busy main road with a garden centre housed in polytunnels opposite. Cross over at the pedestrian crossing and follow the main road to the right, walking under the bridge. Turn left and keep going until you reach the Gunpo tollgate. Traffic from here goes east to Wonju and Gangneung and west to Incheon.
Or, go to Deokso Station on the Jungang line and get out at exit 2. Head east on that main road you are on and turn right at the alleyway right before the Cafe Amo-te (in yellow, with "Cozy Live" on the floor above), and turn left at that first large street. Turn left where the street ends and go straight, under the highway (make sure you have a flashlight to indicate to cars that you are there), and turn right on the first bridge, going back under the same highway. walk up to the Namyangju Tollgate at [37.597N, 127.2414E] (by either climbing the hill immediately or following the road east.
Alternatively, go to Moran Station either on line 8 or the Bundang line, get out at exit 9. Turn 180° and turn right on the main road (following the bridge) until you see the highway on another bridge in front of you. Just before the bridge, there is a small road to your right. Follow it and you'll eventually see the Seongnam Tollgate at [37.4356N, 127.1237E].
=== Going south to [[Daejeon]], [[Daegu]], [[Gwangju]], [[Busan]] and all the rest of the country ===

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