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== Hitchhiking out ==
=== North/South towards [[Seoul]] (North) or [[Gwangju]]/[[Jeonju]] (South) ===
Take the subway/metro line (don't worry, there is only one in DaeojeonDaejeon) to the "Worldcup Stadium" station.
Find the stadium itself (~20min walk) and there is a highway 251 with the "Yuseong IC" (intersection) just next to it. Walk past the toll gate, make sure you have a [[signs|sign]] (you need it because the highway goes north and south).
Alternatively, as most Daejeonites take the "Daejeon IC", it may be easier to hitch from there. The subway does not run there, but any of the following buses end their route there: 106, 501, 601, 602, 607, 613, and 617; just take any of these buses heading northeast, and if in doubt, ask the driver "비래동 가요?" ("Birae-dong gayo?"/"Do you go to Birae-dong"). Get off at the last stop (when you see a bunch of other blue buses parked), walk along southwest past all the buses and you will see some stairs on your right going up to the toll gate. Make sure you have a well labeled [[signs|sign]] in Hangul, as the highway goes both north AND south.

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