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[Update: watch out! the ''21o chiliometro'' and probably Assirus spots are not anymore the right spots to go towards Serres and Sofia. There is now the Egnatia highway and nobody drives this way and if he does it takes several hours to arrive to Serres. Also, in the point where the bus stops used to be a petrol station, also no more in use. ]
Take bus 83 (any of them will get you there, even the express) from Aristotellous Square stop (on Egnatia Street). You want to get off at the Kombo Gerokomeiou exit (Google maps doesnt show the bus stops this far north, but on the opposite side of the highway is a gas station called Derveni Gas S.A.). MAKE SURE you explain to the bus driver you want to get off at this exit. Otherwise, he might not get off the highway here and the next stop is too far to walk back from. Stand on the shoulder of the ramp. There is not a lot of traffic here, so it might take you up to an hour to get a ride, but I think its worth it because most of the cars going as far as Bulgaria will get on the highway here. Good luck!
=== North to [[Kilkis]] ([[Greece]]) ===

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