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* [[User:Antonopa|Antonopa]] (April 2017) Although most traffic is heading to Vienna it is possible to get to Budapest, it is not too far from Bratislava and easily reached by walking. I waited 3hrs for a lift to Budapest directly, although I was offered many lifts in the direction of Vienna in the meantime. There are a lot of people going further too, as a lot of trucks stop here.
 January 2018 (« PlumeFabre ») : to join this OMV petrol station you have to cross Panonska Cesta street, then cross a big field with a train line in the middle and finally cross the highway to be in the right direction (there is a bridge a little bit further on your left). Then, nearly everybody is going to Wien/Vienna but with patience, you can find a driver for Gyor (to lead you until gyor’s petrol station where you find a second driver to Budapest in less than 5 minutes!).
====Walking towards Vienna====

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