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* The ''[http://ts.blogsportCurrently there are no public workshops'.de/en/summercamp civilization critical summercamp]'' theoretically lasts until September. As not many people expressed interest in the offered workshops so far, the [ published schedule] is just a suggestion. You can add your name here, if you are interested in some of the topics for future appointments.
** ''Idea:'' Use water from the well (depth: 30 meter) to save costs for showering and using the washing machine.
** ''Steps:'' Install tubes for the existing [ gardena water utility] ("[ Hauswasserwerk]")
** ''Date:'' Beginning of September 2017No date yet.
** Interested: [[User:Kardan|Kardan]] ([[User_talk:Kardan|contact]])
** ''Idea:'' Have one big common room with floor heating during the winter to be powered with a compost heating.
** ''Steps:'' Install floor heating to the lounge (and clay), construct compost heating next to the building
** ''Date:'' Mid of September to end of October 2017 (no fixed No date yet).
** This project can only take place with 5 to 15 participants.
** Interested: [[User:Kardan|Kardan]] ([[User_talk:Kardan|contact]])
''To find travel partners to leave this place, you can add your name here with the direction and date.''
* [[User:Kardan|Kardan]]: Towards [ WAA] in September or October
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