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At first – '''How to get to Finland'''. There are three ways, how to get there. Unfortunately, most of Finland border are with Russia and with Baltic sea. The traveling through Russia is not free or easily possible. You need visa. Visa to Russia cost around Eur 50-100 and it can be difficult with office. So there is no way (hitchhiking, bus, train) through Tallin-Saint Petersburg – Helsinki. There is ferry between Tallinn and Helsinki, it is not so long journey and the price begins from Eur 12 for walkers and they write down ID. You can try to sneek on ferry between people (a lot of people are there in Friday and Sunday) or you can be hidden in someone's car. Getting from Poland to Tallin is relative long journey, but a lot of truck goes there. No train is on this way and hitchhiking between Poland and Estonia is sometimes good, but sometimes bad. Hitchhiking in Poland is easy and there are not so many trains in Poland.
'''Second journey''' is from Stockholm to Finland by ferry. There are two ferry companies – ''Silja Line'' and ''Viking Line''. Journey from Stockholm to Turku takes 11 hours and there is plenty small islands around. The daily ferry (Silja line) stops in Aaland isnand. The night line from Stockholm to Turku goes at 7pm and arrives at 7am (Finland has 1 hour more than Sweden). But the night line cost around Eur 60-75. The ferry to Helsinki leaves around 4pm, but it cost around Eur 80 and sneeking is difficult. Day line (Silja Line) leaves Stockholm at 7am and arrives to Turku at 7pm. Day line cost around Eur 1210-17, usually Eur 15. Viking Line leaves at 7:45am from another place than Silja Line. Morning ferry cost Eur 10-20 through E-Shop, but Eur 25, if you buy it on the spot. You can try to buy ticket only to '''Aaland - Mariehamn''' island, but it is only few Euros difference. Nobody checkinkg tickets on the ship or during getting of in Turku-Stockholm, they check it only during boarding. Sneeking on ferry is quite difficultby Silja Line. You There are many security guys by the entrance gate and going by exit on the ship is almost impossible. It can try to go through exit waybe possible in moment, but it when passengers are getting out. Sneeking on Viking line is difficult, or possible. There are many passengers boarding and you can try to sneek inside gate behind somebody. There are almost no security guys around. You can just play to pass the card to reader- your card is not working. In Viking line ferry - they are taking photos of boarding passengers more far behind gate. You can try to go one more floor upstairs, but there is too some photograph. But it is really not more easyto tell him that you don't want be on picture. The most easy way is to be hidden in someone's car. There are traveling some Hippie people with car too. Inside ship – you can put luggages into locked cage at begin of journey. There is Cafe In 6th floorin Silja line. Some guests leaves leftovers, but not so many. Only something during afternoon and nothing at Morning. There is buffet one floor more for breakfast and lunch. You can try to sneek there, when the workers does not watch. At Viking line - finding leftovers is almost impossible. There is Aurora buffet. They check everybody, who enter buffet, during morning. But they almost do not check entering passengers after lunch. You can just come into Aurora buffet and eat-dring. There is place for selling tickets to buffet (Eur 39), but they do not stop entering people in afternoon (after lunch).
If you go by '''ferry at morning''', there is no good place, where to be until Morning in Stockholm. Ferry leaves around 7am, so it is not possible to sleep out of the Stockholm, because you have not enough time to arrive to Terminal. Ferry terminal close around 8pm and you can wait in Stockholm central station, but it close around 0:30, bus terminal closes around midnight. There is McDonald shitty restaurant, but sometimes they do not like waiting people during night and they sometimes kicks them out. Anyway, McDonald shitty restaurant closes at 5am (they had closing time at 2am. You have at spring 2017, and you had to wait stay outside until 3:15am15 am, when bus terminal open ). 3:15am - bus terminal opens again (it is close to central station, upstairs). Then subway in Stockholm (you need to sneek through gratesgates behind somebody and security guys are around, but it is still easy to sneek) is open from 5am and close around 1 am. Terminal for ferry opens at 5am too- Silja Line. There is park with bench and noisy road close to ferry terminal and you can sleep there. But there are drunken and strange people during night – you can hide more between bushes.
When the ferry comes to Turku (Abo) Hamm, there are two IC trains close to Ferry. One to Tampere and One to Helsinki. Second floor is pretty empty and you can hide there in toilet (PeterOB was sitting like during shitting without locked door). Conductor probably check tickets just one time after Turku and there is almost nobody going to train. These trains are last, if you will be kicked out,next train goes tomorrow. But if you already get to Karjaa (Karis)Kirkkonumi, there is commuter train to Helsinki without checking. However Karjaa-Karis and Salo are stations without waiting room.
Another ferry is '''between Umea (SE) and Vaasa (FI)''' and another ferry with longer journy is '''between Sundsvall (SE) and Vaasa (FI)''' There are lot of trains ''from Stockholm to Gavle, Hudiksvall, Sundsvall ('''SJ Snabbstaab''' and long journey '''SJ IC''', '''Nattaget''' to north)''. Some '''SJ Snabbstaag''' trains ''continue to Umea too''. Local trains ('''Norrtaag, X-Taget''') has more stops. PetterOB does not know info about ferry between Vassa and Umea (pricing, sneeking, leftovers in restaurants and departure times).
'''Third journey to Finland is around Baltic see, the Nordic Journey''' There are plenty trains from Stockholm to Gavle, Hudiksvall, Sundsvall, a lot of high-speed dance floors '''SJ Snabbstaag''' and long journey trains ('''SJ IC''', '''SJ Nattaget''', '''Arctic circle train'''). Some SJ Snabbstaag goes more north to Umea and there are '''SJ IC, SJ Orviga ,SJ Nattaget (night train)''' and local '''Norrtaag''' from Umea to Boden and Lulea. The trains from Sundsvall to Umea are not so often (local trains have more stops). From Umea to Boden goes Norrtaag local train and SJ IC (Arctic circle train) and night train SJ Nattaget. From Boden to Lulea it is only one or two stops (some trains with three stops ?)
There is '''road around Baltic sea''' from ''Lulea (SE) to Tornio (FI), Kemi (FI), Oulu (FI)''. But Petter does not know difficult is hitchhiking there and how many cars are there. '''There is no train from Lulea (SE) to Finland''', but only bus (you can try cash trick, but probability of success is not high). Tornio (do not exchange Tornio and Tervolta station, it is not the same town) is close to SE-FI border. First train station is Kemi (trains in Tornio are pretty rare). It is one stop and 58 min from Kemi to Oulu by all IC or Ex trains. There is once a 3-4 hours dance floor from Kemi to north-east with only 3 stops, stops are ''(Oulu (Uleaborg) – Kemi – Tervola - Muurola – Rovaniemi)''. Night dance floor IC 265 is with fewest stops and it goes even further (Oulu (Uleaborg) 4:50-4:57, Kemi 6:03-6:07, Rovaniemi 7:28-7:40, Misi 8:16-8:17, Kemijärvi 8:45), by - only one train per day – IC265 goes from Rovaniemi to Misi and Kemijärvi. There is most north dancing line in Finland by border with Sweden to Kolari. But trains there are quite rare, if any. Another dancing line, which cross Arctic Circle, is from Kemi to Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi. Arctic circle is in north part of Rovaniemi. Once a 1-2 hours runs quite fast IC or Pendolino dance floor between Helsinki – Tampere – Oulu. Some IC has two floors (easy to hide is second floor toilet) and some faster IC and Pendolinos has only one floor. Pendolinos are marked like green S2 at
'''The north journey by train and hitchhiking''' is nice in Summer with never-ending daylight. But there are a lot of Mosquitoes. The situation in winter is terrible. The Swedish dancing line Stockholm-Lulea is better, most of stations has waiting room, but waiting room is closed during night (no waiting room in some small stations with local trains). Many of stations in Finland are without waiting room. You can wait few hours for next train or longer during night (and next train can get echo from previous one). On the road from Sweden to Finland can be with almost no cars and a lot of snow. The winter temperature can be here -20 to -30 or even -40. Here – the death during exam in case that you fail is real treat in winter time.
'''Blue-Black dancing (taking trains for free) is relative easy in Finland, it is super easy in region around Helsinki.''' There are a lot of commuter city trains around Helsinki. These trains goes every 10-30 minutes usually. Commuter city trains around Helsinki are marked as blue R-trains at resp., and they are marked many letters (K,P,R,D and many others) by or in Helsinki map, departure table. Commuter trains are little faster and it does not stops in all stops (K train, R train and D or Z train is with fewest stop).
'''Commuter dance floors around Helsinki are pretty easy.''' There are conductors usually around middle of train, in ticket selling zone. They just sell the tickets if somebody wants, and they does not check it. Sometimes – they walk through whole train, if somebody want to buy ticket (they does not check). The area, where tickets selling is not common (and conductors are not so often there) is market by red line through tickets, there are conductors less often.
'''Sometimes, the ticket inspectors go into commuter trains'''. They have uniform and they are in group on platform, but PetterOB PeterOB haven't seen them yet. They starts usually from end (or begin) of the wagon. There are usually quite lot of people in train and next stops is only few minutes away (usually 2-6minutes, in some faster commuter trains up to 10-20 minutes). So you can get off in next station usually (or you can try to tell that you are waiting for conductor to buy ticket). The penalty is Eur 80 plus ticket price, but they can more probably just let be non-Finish residents.
The Helsinki central station can be more difficult after 10pm. There is only one entrance and they check tickets on this entrance in night, before getting to train. But the near station (it is possible to get there by tram) is Pasila-Bole. All trains goes through Pasila-Bole and stops there. There are two entrances (on every side) in Pasila Bole, or it is possible to cross fence and tracks, but it is dangerous. The second entrance on the another end of platforms, than waiting room, and it is always free.
Two-floors IC dance floors (two or three numbers) has maximum speed 200 kmh. There are IC dance floors with two numbers and one floor only. But IC dance floors with one floor only can not run 200 kph, but only 140-160 kph. Pendolinos can run 220 kph with tilting. and they go for long journey. This type of train is at or marked the same like two-floors IC and you probably can not recognize it. One floor IC dance floors goes even far north behind Oulu, like IC27 to Rovaniemi.
'''Some dance floors are Pendolinos.''' Pendolino is high-speed train from Italy and it has difficulties sometimes during Finish winter. Pendolinos are marked like green S2 at and like Pendolino at wr.iffi and S or S2 at departures table. Pendolino looks the same like one-floor IC. Some Pendolinos are with three numbers and they stops in the same stops, like three number IC and tey are usually with the same speed, like three-number IC. Two-number Pendolinos stops in the same stops, like two-number IC. But the Pendolinos are more quick. Maximum speed for two-floor IC is 200 kph, but Pendolino with tilting can go faster, up to 220 kph. Commuter trains around Helsinki can go up to 120kph.
The price is usually the same for IC or Pendolino, but of course, it is much easier to hide in second floor. Quite a lot of passengers goes to toilet at first floor. And Pendolino has only one floor, not empty toilets in second floor. More passengers are going to toilet. And you can run so easily around conductor in another floor and go to area, where tickets was already checked.
'''Turku-Helsinki''' Turku is city on Baltic coast, the ferry arrives there. There are IC trains with three numbers and two floors. Conductor goes often just one time, after Turku or Helsinki aglomeration. More far from the start of journey- the train is relative empty. IC trains between Turku and Helsinki goes every 1-2 hours. Stops are : ''(Helsinki - Pasila Böle – Leppävaara - [Kirkkonummi] – Karjaa (Karis) – Salo - Kupittaa – Turku Abo - [Turku satama (Abo hamn)]''). Between Kirkkonummi and Helsinki already go lot of commuter trains with random checking only.
'''From Turku to Helsinki trains goes:'''
'''E75''' continues more north from Sodankilä to big lakes around 68,0-68,3 degrees north (lakes are few kilometers from road), there is no town, only small village Vuoma-Vuosto. Here really low population density is. There is small town or village Ivalo, around 68,55 degrees north. There is river in Ivalo, plenty of lakes and plenty of mosquitos around. From Ivalo goes too road No. 91 to East-South to Russian border, but porobably almost to cars on this road.
Little bit north from '''Ivalo''' (counple couple of 10km), around 68,75 degrees are two big lakes. Ukonjärvi lake close to road in east side and Rahajärvi in west. And finally, the '''Inari''' is around 68.9 degrees north, at '''E75''', there is town Inari, town of sami culture. It is about '''350 km north from Arctic Circle and Rovaniemi'''. There are hotels and museum, which can be good for dumpster diving and you can try even free breakfast in hotel. There is big lake close to Inari – Juutuanvuono, river or bay through Inari, many small lakes and plenty of mosquitos in Summer. Inari is in the middle of Sami culture and Lapland, many tourist from south goes there. But winter is terrible there. There is even airport in Inari, but in is not possible get in without ticket and it is non-ecological.
'''From Inari E75 continues to Finish-Norway border'''. At 69,135 degrees – there is ''crossroad E75 to north and road no 92, parking Kaamanen'', 3-4 km north from Kaamanen village. There is river and lot of small lakes. ''Road No. 92 goes to Norway'', North-West_West direction and just behind NO-FI border road No. 92 connect with E6 in vilage '''Karasjohka'''. From Karasjohka road E6 continue by Norway-Finish border to small villages in NO-FI border '''Utsjoki'''.
'''E75''' continues from Inari and Kaamanen to north to '''Norway-Finish border – Utsjoki'''. There is river by this way and some small villages, lot of lakes. Utsjoki is around 69,9 .88-69.91 degrees north. In Utsjoki E6 and E75 from Inari meet. There is meeting of big Tana river by FI-NO border with river from Inari and a lot of lakes. Bridge through Tana River between FI and NO and Custom is in Utsjoki. There is e6 Karasjohka - Tana Bru - Varangebotn in Norwegian side and road 970 from Ustjoki to Nuorgam and Varangebotn in Finland. Nourgam (70.081) is most north point of Finland (exactly most north point is about 3 km eas t from Nuorgam - by Tana river (river side 70.092,27.950, in water 70.0923,27.9555 by OSM)).
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