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Take the bus ($1.00) to downtown Tucson then, or if you're already near by, walk to speedway and head west to I-10. it should be rather easy to find. This ramp attracts most people from the east, west and central parts of town. Construction of the four lane finished recently, but it hasn't eased congestion. All exiting and merging traffic is diverted to the frontage roads, so you might want to try your luck there on the corner. There is a Circle K right at this ramp, so you can get courtesy cups of water if you are waiting for long.
Got stuck in Eloy (20 minutes northwest of Tucson) for a night because I was dropped off at a bad spot, where I-10 splits off to I-8, near a Love's Truck Stop. Walked about 2 miles away from the interstate, around, and back to find a good spot on I-8. I had to trespass on land and stand on the shoulder of a busy interstate. Was able to get to San Diego in 2 rides. (2017)
=== South towards [[Nogales]] (I-19) ===

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