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'''From Inari E75 continues to Finish-Norway border'''. At 69,135 degrees – there is ''crossroad E75 to north and road no 92, parking Kaamanen'', 3-4 km north from Kaamanen village. There is river and lot of small lakes. ''Road No. 92 goes to Norway'', North-West_West direction and just behind NO-FI border road No. 92 connect with E6 in vilage '''Karasjohka'''. From Karasjohka road E6 continue by Norway-Finish border to small villages in NO-FI border '''Utsjoki'''.
'''E75''' continues from Inari and Kaamanen to north to '''Norway-Finish border – Utsjoki'''. There is river by this way and some small villages, lot of lakes. Utsjoki is around 69,9 degrees north. In Utsjoki E6 and E75 from Inari meet. There is meeting of big Tana river by FI-NO border with river from Inari and a lot of lakes.  '''Road No. 92 continue in Finmark'''-Norway far from Ocean to Masi in Finmark and from Masi to Alta in Norwegian coast. In Alta E6 and road No. 92 connect again. From Karasjohka road E6 continue in Norway in northwest direction to Olderfjord (70,5 degrees north) and from Olderfjord E6 goes West-South to Alta.  From Ustjoki continue NO-FI border by river to East and road E6 (together with E75) is in Norwegian side to '''northest point in Finland – Nuorgam''' in Finland and '''Hillagura''' in Norway. It is around 70,09 degrees north. There are just few houses or cabins in Finish side and small road only. There is in Filnand four-star hotel Nuorgamin Lomakeskus (Eur 100 per night, ehm). This hotel can be good for dumpster diving. From Nuorgam – Hillagura E6 continue in Norway to villages by fjord Skippagurra and Varangerbotn. Varangerbotn is last crossroad. E6 continues from Varangerbotn to south-east, to '''Hesseng''' and '''Kirkenes''' (one of fearthest town in Norway, close to Russiam, there is airport in Kirkenes). Hesseng is crossroad close to Kirkenes.  From Hesseng E6 goes to Kirkenes and E105 to Elvenes and Norway-Russia border (it is around 3 km from Hesseng). After Elvenes is crossroad just around 150 m before Russian border, close to lake. E105 goes to Russia (Visa needed) and small road No. 886 goes to east and north by lakes to most east point in Norway (69.734 north, 30.890 south). But in this area – the road is just couple of tenths of meters by Russian border. Sastle and cliff (69.79 north, 30.79 east), border and ocean (). Road No. 886 continues by small lake and by Russian border to '''Grense Jakobselv''' and '''Oskar II's Kapell''' castle. It is something, where border RU-NO and Ocean meet (69.878 north and 30,822 East) There are just few houses, if any and a lot of military watch close to border. Probably road No. 886 is mostly for military.  From Varangerbotn E75 continue to East, to '''Vadsoe''', '''Kiberg''', Svartnest by north coast of fjord and finally to '''Vardoe''' (70,37 north, 31,105 south).  The road E75 goes from Inari by river to '''Ustjoki''', where is another river by NO-FI border and in Norwegian side E6 to East to Kirkenes and to West-South by NO-FI border to vilage Karasjohka, where is crossroad with road No. 92 (from E75 and Kaamanen village in finland to Masi in Finmark and Alta in Norwegian coast). From '''Karasjohka''' road E6 continue north-west to '''Olderfjord''' (70,5 degrees north) and from Olderfjord southwest to Alta. Olderfjord is north crossroad and village. E6 continue to Alta or another direction to Karasjohka and by NO-FI border to Ustjoki (crossroad with E75 to Inari).  But from '''Olderfjord''' to north continues E69 to north by coast of Atlantic to Repvaeg, Kaefjord and from Kaefjord around 2 km long tunnel to '''Mageroeya island'''. There is village '''Honningsvaeg''' and more north skarsvaeg. E69 continue on this island to '''Nordkapp''' (71.1717 north, 25.8763 East by Google map), which should be nordest point of Norway and Europe. But on the map it looks like nordes point is myse around 3 km west-west north – Knivskjellodden (71.18547 north, 25.67638 East by Google map).   '''Oulu – Kemi – Tornio – Kolari – SAMI LAND - Kilpisjarvi (Mallan Iounnonpuitso, SE-NO-FI point) – Tromso, Finmark'''  O'''ulu – Kemi – Tornio (SE-FI border and Lulea) – Kolari – Kittila – Muonio – Hetta – Karesuvanto – Kilpisjarvi (Mallan Iounnonpuitso, SE-NO-FI point), Skybotn (Lyngen Fjord) – Alta – Tromso – Narvik – Nordkapp.'''  There is '''big road around baltic sea from Oulu to Kemi, Tornio Itäinen (SE-FI border) and Lulea in Sweden'''. It is one station and 58 minutes between Oulu abd Kemi. But after Kemi usually all trains goes to Rovaniemi. Trains to Tornio Itäinen and more north to Ylitornio, Pello and Kolari are extremely rare.  But there is road E4 from Oulu to Sweden. It is probably not so easy to find good place in Oulu, hitchiking from Kemi is better. Direction is to Tornio Itäinen, where is cropproad. E4 goes to Haparanda (first village in Sweden) and Tore (crossroad – E4 to Finland, E10 to north-west Kiruna, Narvik, and E10 to Lulea). Lulea is first train station in Sweden.Trains from Lulea goes to close town Boden, which is on long dancing line (Stockholm – Gavle – Hudiksvall – Sundsvall – Umea – Boden – Kiruna – Narvik). E10 and E4 together continue to south by baltic coast to Umea.  But we want to go '''from Kemi to North, by FI-SE border'''. So you take E4 only to Tornio Itäinen, and there is '''road E8 to Ylitornio, Pello and Kolari''', the same line like train. In pello – road goes little bit away from FI-SE border. If you cath the train (it is not so easy), it does not matter, where you will be kicked out, it is always by road E8.  There are many small towns and villages by SE-FI border until Kolari. First crossroad is in Pello already. Road E8 goes from Tornio to Kolari, SE-FI-NO point and Tromso, Road no. 83 to East to Sinnetä (crossroad with road No. 79 trom Kittilä in north to Rovaniemi in south-east). There is small road no. 99 behind border in Sweden. Road No. 83 is already behind arctic circle. Road E8 continue from Pello to Kolari and it is from Pello to Kolari one train station. Ko'''lari (67,33 degrees north) is the northest Finish train station''', it is one of four dancing lines, which cross Arctic circle. Buses and cars goes from Kolari further. There should be busses, but probably not so often and it can be not so easy to sneek. In Kolari stops flat land and some small hills begins.By road E8 mountanis. There are bigger hills around Muonio.  There is '''from Kolari main road E8 by SE-FI border to Norway''' and smaller road No. 80 to small town Kittilä. Road No. 80 continue from Kittilä to south-east to Sodankilä (Crossroad with E75 to Rovaniemi and Inari, E63 to Kemjäarvi in south and Road. No 80 to Kittilä). From Kittilä Road no. 79 goes south to Rovaniemi and North-West to Muonio (E8, Swedish Border, big lakes and national park is close).  By main road E8 after Kolari, next bigger town and crossroad is '''Muonio''' (sround 67,95 degrees north). There are big lakes around and crossroad with road. No 79 to Kittilä. National park Pallas Yllästunturi with lakes and mountains is just around 10 km east from Muonio. From Muonio E8 by river anf FI-SE border continue to small town Palojoensuu (68.28 degrees north). There is crossroad in Palojoensuu E8 and road No. 93. Road No. 93 goes east to small town Hetta and from Hetta far north to FI-NO border (Geadgejlärvi lake) and road continue in Norway-Finmark (Siebe, Kaoutokeino, long river-lake, crossroad with roads No. 92 and 93 at 69,19 North). Road 92 goes to east-east-north to Kárášjohka (E6 by NO-FI border) and road 93 goes to north to Masi and Alta on coast – fjord.  There is a lot of national parks and only few small villages around '''Palojoensuu''' and '''Hetta'''. And long lake by Hetta. There are only small towns or villages by road 93 and pretty long distance between villages. Not so many cars probably goes there. '''E8 continue from Palojoensuu by river and SE-FI border''' to crossroad and small town '''Kätkäsuvanto''' (68.44 derees north). There is in Finland national park Tarvantovaaran erämaa around 10-15 km north-east from Kätkäsuvanto with small mountains. From Kätkäsuvanto goes E'''45 Bridge through border to Sweden to Vittangi and Svappavaara''' (small town, crossroad with E10 ). '''E10 goes from Svappavaara to Kiruna''' (only around 50 km west-west-north) and to Narvik, or to south goes E10 to Gällivare.  '''From Kätkäsuvanto''' E8 continue not so far to '''Markina''' with lot of small lakes in valley and more far to north-west by FI-SE border to area with bigger and bigger hills and mountains and plenty of lakes in valleys, to Kilpisjärvi. '''Kilpisjärvi (69.05 North)''' is small town in valley Tana River between mountains and close to two lakes. '''The point of three borders (Norway-Sweden_Finland)''' is around 10 km west from Kilpisjärvi. There is hotel in Kilpisjärvi – Kilpisjjärven Retkeilykeskus (Kilpisjärvi hiking center). The lake and mountains more than 1000 m high are really close. It can be possible to dumpster diving behind hotel. Town is small, but shops can be good too. There is bus station too, but buses do not go so often and t can be difficult to sneek. The place of SE-FI-NO border (69.05997 north,20.5485 east) - Treriksröset - meeting is by the another big lake Kolttajärvi. Mountains are joust around 500-1000 m high, but in this Arctic area mountains are already without trees and snow can be on the top quite late. There is big difference in winter between valleys and mountains. Mountains makes border between cold air from Russia and warm air from Atlantic. The difference by 600 meter high difference can be 20 degrees. In January 2016 – there was -43 in Kilpisjärvi in valley, but -25 on the mountain. Some specific valleys in mountains in Finmark or Finland can be with Arctic wave super cold, up to -50 degrees.  '''From Kilpisjärvi E8 continue North-West to Norway, to Atlantic coast.''' The nest village in Norway is '''Helligskogen''' by another lake and road E8 continue in valley through relative high mountains. There is Helligskogen Vandrerhjem hotel, there can be dumpster diving possible. Next village-town is '''Skibotn by Skibotnutløpet fjord''', in the middle of mountains, but already on atlantic coast. Lot of mountains and lot of fjords are in this area. There is gas station is Skibotn and it is important crossroad, the rod E8 from Finland meets there with road E6. '''E6''' continue to '''south-south-west to Tromso, Bjerkvik and Narvik'''. From Skiboth E6 and E8 continues together about 15 km to another small town by fjord coast Nodrdkjostbotn.   There is crossroad in '''Nodrdkjostbotn'''. E8 continues about 60 km to Tromso north-west by fjord coast and E6 continues south to Bjerkvik, Narvik and Lofoten islands (and E6-E8 goes north from Nodrdkjostbotn to Skibotn, Alta and to direction Nordkapp). '''Bjerkvik''' is important crossroad with E6 from south to north Norway with road E10 from Kiruna (Sweden to most of Lofoten Islands).  From Skibotn the road '''E6 goes to north of Norway''' – to '''Alta''' (69.95 north) and there is crossroad E6 with '''road No. 93''' to East-South inside Finmark to Masi (end of big fjord-lake) and Kárášjohka close to Finish border. E6 goes from Kárášjohka by NO-FI border to Ustjoki, where is crossroad with E75 from Inari. E75 and E6 sontinues from Ustjoki by river and NO-FI border to Nuorgam (northest Finish poind) and to fjord, crossroad Varangerboth. From Varangerbotn E75 continue by north coast of Fjord to Vardoe (island) and E6 by south coast of fjord to Kirkenes. '''From Alta''' north-East and from Kárášjohka north-west E6 goes to nordest point Olderfjord (70,47 degrees north). There is E69 from Olderfjord to nordkapp and E6 to Alta and '''Kárášjohka''' and '''Ustjoki'''.  But '''from Olderfjord''' to north continues '''E 69''' to north by coast of Atlantic to '''Repvaeg''''''Bold text''', Kaefjord and from '''Kaefjord Custom is aabout2 km long tunnel to Mageroeya island'''. There is village '''Honningsvaeg''' and more north skarsvaeg. E69 continue on this island to '''Nordkapp''' (71.1717 north, 25.8763 East by Google map), which should be nordest point of Norway and Europe. But on the map it looks like nordes point is myse around 3 km west-west north – Knivskjellodden (71.18547 north, 25.67638 East by Google map).  '''Narvik''' is around 20 km from Bjerkvik by the coast. '''E10 goes from Kiruna to Narvik''' by the same way like rail-road with lot of stops. And this is nordest-railroad in Europe without Russia. One of nordest point E10 (68.443 north, 18.609 east) and railway (68.43405 north,18.5986 east) is close to big lakes, north-west from tornehamn and Björklidens Golfklubb in Sewden (there is hotel and maybe some good dumpsters too). The second northest possibility is E10 (68.4343, 18.2513) and railway (68.4305, 18.2482) is close to Vassijaure station (68.4290, 18.2603). In Norway is far north station Haugfjell (68.4405, 18.0180) and nordest rail point close to this station (68.4441,18.0481) and Narvik (68.4416, 17.4414). And by fjourd and Atlantic coast, most north place of dancing line was found. Northest railway (68.4516,17.483) resp. (68.4502,17.5420) and northest E10 is on another place before coast (68.5163,17.8727). NO-SE border on the track is (68.4300, 18.1057) and by E10 (68.4352, 18.1068)Utsjoki.
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