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== [[Sweden]] ==
Sweden is really big country from South to North (about 2000 km) and about 300-400 km from East to West. But there are not so many inhabitants (about 9,5 mil. But about 7 mil. Ingenious people). Population density is not so bad in south (highest density in south province Scannia and close to Stockholm - south from capital city). Hitchhiking in Sweden is not really easy (worse than average), but not really bad. Many cars drive for short distance and there are not so many good places for standing on main roads. Weather is really hostile sometimes. A lot of rain, and a lot of mosquitoes during summer and very short days during winter time, very long days during summer time, especially in the north. Temperature during winter can be -10 to -20 in south, -30 in the middle and -40 in north (Lapland) during arctic wave. And in north regions – there is really small amount of cars and small population density or roads network. Public transport (train, buses) is quite good developed and expensive. And interval to next train or bus can be pretty long with terribly weather in north part. [[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] was dancing in all types of train, include high-speed trains (SJ Snagstaab) with long distance between stops. He was captured many times. But he was always kicked out of train, nobody wants his ID. But in one case - conductor from high-speed train gave message to next trains and [[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] has not unusual appearence. It was difficult to get into train for him with many luggage. It was difficult for him to get into next train. '''It is written on the train door, that you can get fine SEK 1200 in SJ trains or SEK 1000 resp. DKR 750 in Oresundstaag train. But probably only for Swedish people - they can maybe get fine. If you speak English and not Swedish, you will be not asked for ID or fine.''' The fine SEK 1200 is too in Goteborg public transport, but that is question, if you get fine like non-Swedish resident.
You can take train for free in Sweden quite easilyis really big country from South to North (about 2000 km) and about 300-400 km from East to West. But there are not so many inhabitants (about 9, especially 5 millions But about 7 millions Ingenious people). Population density is not so bad in south (highest density in the southprovince Scaane and close to Stockholm - south from capital city). There are many dancing companies Hitchhiking in Sweden. Some dancing companies run trains for long journey is not so easy (it can be more worse than 1000 kmaverage) , but not really bad. Many cars drive for short distance and distances between stops there are not so many good places for standing on main roads. Weather is really hostile sometimes. There are very short days during winter time, very long days during summer time, especially in the north. Temperature during winter can be quite far during clod wave -10 to -20 in south, especially -30 in highthe middle and -sped dance floor 40 in north (Lapland) . And in north regions – there is really small amount of cars and small population density or roads network. Public transport (train, buses) is quite good developed and expensive. And interval to next train or bus can be pretty long with terribly weather in the northpart. You can not buy ticket PeterOB was dancing in this type many types of train, only in local include high-speed trains (SJ Snabbstaag) with a lot of long distance between stops. If you are He was capturedmany times. But he was always kicked out of train, you just have nobody wants his ID. But in one case - conductor from high-speed train gave message to next trains and PeterOB has not unusual appearance. It was difficult for him to leave get into next train. There It is written on the train door , that penalty is you can get fine SEK 1000 1200 in SJ trains or SEK 1200, but [[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] was captured many times and he was always kicked out of 1000 resp. DKR 750 in Oresundstaag train (Maybe, . But probably only for Swedish people - they can maybe get penalty, but if fine. If you speak Englishand not Swedish, you wont will be not asked for ID)or fine. But The fine SEK 1200 is too in Goteborg public transport, but that is question, if you get fine like non-Swedish resident. You can buy ticket inside local dance floors with many find the train connection, points for change train, and Swedish train names and dancing companies at , but there is not journey plan for every train (stops. If and time, starting and terminal station) (you have no moneycan not find, where you will can be kicked out and when next train will go). So PeterOB recommends to use You can find there train type and company too, and all stops and time for every stop, first and last stop for every train and train change points and of course, next train easily, if you are kicked out from previous one. Select “Vlaky” - trains. If you want to find only direct trains without train change, choose “Pouze prima spojeni”.
Conductor usually do not check toilet, especially if you keep doors without locking and wait during ticket checking. There (Oresundstaag -- OTU dancing company) are usually a lot of passengers in south of Sweden some local-regional dance floors with distance between stops about 5-15 km (different names at departure board and WC is occupied most of time different companies, but more north are blue R trains quite empty and toilets are free for most of timeat www. High speed train is good for WC tacticidos. But some passengers want go to toilet too. Conductor usually check only new passengers cz) (Crosataagen, Pagataag, BersTaag, TiB-SJ) , Long journey dance floors and he goes back after it. If you try high-speed dance floors with distance between stop 30-100 km (or up to walk around conductor300 km) – (SJ SnabbsTaag, SJ IC, SJ Nattaaget at dearture table, green X2, IC, he can registered you and he will ask for ticket on way backNZ trains at www.idos. Better is be hidden cz ) And regional dance floors with distances between passengersstops around 10-50 km (SJ Regional, SJ Övriga in north, Oresundstaag, TiB-SJ, X-taag (X-taaget), NorrTaag, who were already checkedOstgota, if possible. Ticket inspection is quite fast in SwedenLanstaag, because of not so many passengersVeolia). So walking around conductor The long journey dance flors usually belongs to areaSJ dancing company (SJ Nattaag, where tickets was already checkedSJ SnabbsTaag, do not workSJ IC). Local There are seat reservation obligatory in SJ trains with many stops – and a ticket belongs to name (if you say that you lost ticket, it is easy to look for ticket in system, include SJ Regional and SJ Övriga). You can use short distant not buy ticket trickinside SJ train after boarding, that so if you will be captured and you buy ticket will not for whole journey. But tickets are quite expensive speak Swedish, you will be kicked out without showing ID, but you can get penalty SEK 1200 (about Eur 10 for 30-40 km130). You can not buy ticket too in local inside OresundsTaag train with lot of stops. But trains with long journey (ECtickets probably do not belongs always to name. So if you say that you have ticket in phone and battery off, ICor you lost ticket, X2you will have to get off without showing ID, Arctic circle train …if you do not speak Swedish. Penalty is DKR 750 or SEK 1000 (About EUR 105) have , but probality of getting penalty is small. There is usually not seat obligatory reservation obligatory in another type of trains (excluding SJ and OresundsTaag trains) and you can buy ticket usually belong to personal nameinside train. It But is impossible to get ticket inside this long-journey some type of train, ticket (Veolia) you can be sold pay only with credit card in station or by internet (not by so you just say that you have cashonly and you will have to get off only). In local PeterOB was captured many times, including SJ Snabstaag and he was always only kicked out without penalty or showing ID. They gave echo to next trains in SJ Snabbstaag from Malmo to Stockholm. BUT if you can try that are more north, (not close to Malmo), then some stations have not waiting room, you have ticket to wait outside (or waiting room can be closed during night). Next train can be many hours later (there is only 1 train per day (in one direction) in few stations) and winter in phone but battery Sweden is emptynot like winter in Italy. It does Death during exam is possible in winter time in case tat you will fail and there is not work waiting room in your station (or waiting room is closed during night). PeterOB has been finding quite hard system of train names, types and companies, and correlation with train types and types at . There are many train companies in Sweden, name of train company is not always the same name like name of train type. Many long distance journey trains (at least include regionals) belongs to SJ dancing company. And at there are local and regional blue trains (usually R or REG in north) and green long journey trains (X2, IC, NZ) . All green trains and few blue trains belongs to SJ. In north because conductor have tickets database with personal names online from internetthe regional SJ train (Övriga, blue at www.idos. You cz) can try be part of long-journey green train (NZ, SJ Nattaag). It is usually branch from Boden to tell that your friend Luleaa – short branch from long journey Stockholm-Narvik, or even between Sundsvall and Luleaa can be blue R train – SJ Övriga the same like green NZ train – SJ Nattag between Sundsvall and Boden. NZ 10093 is blue at, but is booking your ticket just nowlong journey SJ Nattag (and SJ Ovria during part of journey).
When First type is high-speed dance floor - SJ Snabbstaag. It is high-speed train with fewest stops and you come to platform, there can go with this train for long distances. SJ Snabbtaag has usually 5-6 wagons and second or third wagon is usually bistro wagon with small bar. First class is usually info first or last wagon. Distances between stops are about train departures 5-100 km, sometimes even more and arrivalsspeed is usually 140-200 kph. There are written many things for Conductor goes sometimes every station, but sometimes once 2-3 stations and they don't check tickets so often last 2-3 stations (especially if the train – final destination goes to Oslo or Copenhagen). They check at first all passengers and train companythey ask only, who is new, during next checking. If there is a lot of passengers, departure time and 2-3 stops during journey blue dancers check tickets together (especially first checking), but most of time only one conductor checks new passengers. There is quite lot of passengers, so you can just sit and sleep or read a book, like you have been there before , if the first checking was done (if your appearance is not unusual). There are doors with glass between wagons and you can see, when ticket checking is coming (sit close to corridor, not close to window and watch booth sides). When checking is close in neighbour wagon, you will go to toilet for a while (you can lock or do not lock door) and wait for a while (other passengers can go to toilet too). Conductors usually do not check toilets. BUT there are waiters in bistro wagon with same clothes like conductors. Do not exchange them and do not hide in toilet from waiters, they will stay in Bistro. If you are captured, do not tell them final destination, but not all stopsthe next station only, or last station, which is gone or some city with another direction and another train. If you tell them final destination, of coursethey can give echo to next train. You can find all stops and time table for journey at wwwnot buy ticket inside train SJ SnabbTaag or SJ Regional.idosSo you will be probably kicked Tickets belongs to names, so trick that you have ticket inside phone and battery out or you lost you ticket, does not work (select Vlakyyou can try to tell common Swedish surname). Probably all stations with SJ SnabbTaag and most of stations with SJ Regional has waiting room.
You can try something in buses – you can pay only The line for this type of dance floor is once 1 hours from Copenhagen or Malmo to Stockholm with credit card in buses(plus minus) 8 stops ([Copenhagen], Malmo, Lund, Hassleholm, [Älmhult station], Alvesta, Nassjo, [Tranaas station], [Mjolby], Linkoping, Norrkoping, Sodertajle, [Stockholm Flemingsberg], so just show cash and ask how much it costStockholm Central). You will ask for bank card Trains goes usually once a hour between Malmo and if you do not haveStockholm, you will probably get free rideduring weekend once a 2 hours. You can pay Only some trains stops in stations with cash only brackets. Usualy every second train (once a 2 hours) continue to Copenhagen. Not all SJ Snabbtaag stops in local trains with Mjolby, many of them do not stopsbetween Nassjo and Linkoping. '''First type Only trains from Malmo 14:11 and 19:11 stops at Tranaas station instead of dance floor is SJ Snagstaab''' Mjolby. And only some trains stops at Almhult – these trains do not stop at Mjolby. Not all trains goes from or to Copenhagen (green X2 on idos.czDK). It SJ Snabbstaag X2 500 X 2000 from Malmo 5:36 is high-speed dance floor best with distances between fewest stops 30-100 km and it run quite fast. 200 kph is maximum speed. This dance floor have usually (Malmö Central 5:36 BO, Lund Central 5:46 5-7 wagons and 3th :48 BO,4th 5th wagon is with small bistroHässleholm Central 6:18, and there are conductors in bistro wagon. Many blue dancers are in this type of dance floorLinköping Central 8:09, usually 3-5 per trainStockholm Central 9:46 GO). Ticket inspection SJ Snabbstaag from Stockholm to Malmo 17:06 is usually once 1best with fewest stops - (Stockholm Central 17:06 BO, Alvesta station 19:54-3 stations. They check new passengers only19:56, but ticket checking is quite hard and fast. You can watch around and when blue dancers checking ticketsHässleholm Central 20:31-20:33, you can go to toiletLund Central 21:03-21:05 GO, do not lock the door and wait for a while (conductors usually do not check toilets and you sit there like shittingMalmö Central 21:15 GO). But be careful – when blue dancers go back and they see If you – you will be checked. And 2-3 conductors are checking tickets together, so it is quite fast and walking around conductors does not work because they will go back and they will check you. But not at begin of journey, later onlykicked out, you can try to play that you have been in train wait for long time – conductor check new passengers only. If you are asked for a ticketnext SJ Snabbtaag, you can try to say that you lost ticket or you have ticket in phone but battery it is empty. Then you will be asked for name, because each ticket belongs better to name, reference number, train get out from Tranas and seat reservationAlmhult to better station (Alvesta resp. Mjolby-Linkoping). You can try to say name, which There is common once a hour (once a 2 hour in Sweden. But if you will be found like person without ticket, you have to leave weekend) good Oresundstaag train in next stopbetween Malmo-Lund_Hassleholm-Alvesta-(Kalmar), you will be probably never finedcan use it for this region. Interval to next dance floor And there is usually 2 hours often (3once a 30-12 hours hours more north60 min) and interval Ostgotapendel train between stops is 30Tranaas-100 km, but last dance floor is going not so late, about 18Mjolby-20 o clockLinkoping. If your apperence is not usual or if you have a Lot of local trains with lot of luggage, blue dancers can give echo for next trains. Try to get into train hidden people goes between another passengers and as far as possible from bistro wagon, where conductors usually are. They will go out of train on the platform in every stopLinkoping-Norkoping-Stockholm. There are only big stations few trains with heated waiting room in station for this dance floor. [[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] was dancing last winter by this type of train, and conductors gave echo for all next trains. He can not get into one train and he was easily found and kicked out in next trains. The line for this type lot of dance floor is once 2 hours '''from Copenhagen or Malmo to Stockholm with 8 stops''' (Copenhagen, Malmo, Lund, Hassleholm, between Alvesta, -Nassjo, -Mjolby, Linkoping, Norrkoping, Sodertajle, Stockholm) and once 2 hours '''from Malmo it is really good idea to Goteborg with 3 stops''' (Lund, Helsingborg, Halmstad, Goteborg and some trains continue to Skovde and Katrineholm)take SJ Snabtaag only there.
Every 3 hours runs dance floor ''' There is once a day train from Malmö to Stockholm to Karlstad''' – Veolia transoprt Sverige AB (about 59 lattitudeR 9340 at like regional), close train goes from Malmo 9:20 (R 3940) to big lake) Stockholm 14:31. Stops with stopsVeolia company are: Stockholm(Malmö, Lund, Eslöv station, Hässleholm, SodertajleAlvesta, KatrineholmNässjö, Hallsberg Linköping , DegerforosNorrköping, KristinehamnSödertälje, KarlstadStockholm). But twice a day dance floor is going '''Another direction - R 3941 9:14 from Stockholm to Oslo''' Malmö (15:59 and 11:06 from Stockholm to Oslo). Dance floor in 11Central 9:06 stops in all big stops and continue to Arvika14 BO, KongsvingerSödertälje Syd 9:33 BO, Oslo)Norrköping Central 10:51, but dance floor from Linköping Central 11:06 has not so much stops (Stockholm 11:06 long time nothing19, Karlstad 18Nässjö Central 12:07-18, Alvesta station 12:0959, Arvika 18Hässleholm Central 13:4445 GO, KongsvingerEslöv station 14:10 GO, 19Lund Central 14:26-1920 GO, Malmö Central 14:27 and Oslo S (central40 GO) 20:28. There are border checking in Oslo station This train has about 9 wagons and lot of people inside, it can be everywhere. If you are kicked out is quite crowded train in Kongsvingerdaytime with most of passengers, you can easily take local orange dance floor to Oslo without checking. Direct highs-speed dance floors '''from Oslo to Stockholm''' have departures from Oslo 6:02 so it should be easy there (with all big stops) and from Oslo 16:56 (Oslo 16:56long train, Kongsvinger 18:03 lot of passengers, Arvika, 18:46, Karlstad 19:27-19:32, Hallsberg 20:30, Katrineholm 20:54 and Stockholm 21:50conductor do not see you). This dance floor meets in Arvika with dance floor from train is on departure table SJ IC or SJ Snalltaget and blue R at Between Malmo and Stockholm goes once a night train SJ Nattaget (NZ1 at Between Stockholm to Osloand Malmo journey takes almost 8 hours. Stops are similar like SJ SnabbTaag, but not the same.
There is every hour high-sped dance floor '''Usually once 2 hours SJ SnabbTaag goes from Malmö to Goteborg-Stockholm''' and back with not so many 3 stops (for example Lund, Helsingborg, Halmstad, Goteborg 18:30 Skovde 19:33 Katrineholm 20:37 and Stockholm 21:31), first Stops are always the same. First train from Goteborg 5Malmo 6:05 and last trains Last train from Goteborg Malmo 18:30 and 20:3000. Some dance floors X2 stops in Sodertalje Syd. You can try go by night dance floor NZ 92 SJ Snabbstaag goes from Malmo (to Goteborg 18): 6:05, 6:35 Herrljunga 1959, 9:22 Skovde 1937, 11:57 Hallsberg (good rail tracks node) 2005, 13:55 and Stockholm 2205, 16:33-2200, 18:4000. This dance floor continue First train continues two more stops to north Skovde and Katrineholm 3 more stations to Gavle (0Malmo 6:2505 –-----0Goteborg 8:20, Skovde 9:3034, Katrineholm 10:41). From Gotebörg to Malmö SJ Snabbstaag goes: 6:40, 3 more stations to Sundsvall (27:58-340, 10:13)10, 13 more stations to terminal Luleaa Central (12:09). [[User40, 14:40, 16:40, 18:PeterOB|PeterOB]] have not experiences with night dance floors40. There Stops are obligatory of seat reservation like in highthe same (Göteborg Central, Halmstad Central, Helsingborg Central, Lund Central, Malmö Central). Last train goes from Hallsberg -speed trains. Another direction is Luleaa Central (Hallsberg station 16:4739, 7 stops to Umeaa Skövde Central 2117:55-22:0019, 6 stops to Sundsvall Göteborg Central 118:2225-118:4240, Halmstad Central, 3 stops to Gavle Helsingborg Central, Lund Central 4:26-4:30, 3 stops to Stockholm Malmö Central 620:31-6:41 and 4 stops to Goteborg central 11:2556). But this pretty long-journey dance floor runs runs only once There are a day. You can find all stops and time lot of Oresundstaag (OTU at ) trains, once a hour (you once a two hours during weekend) between Goteborg and Malmo-Copenhagen, it is 12 stops between Goteborg and Malmo. You can see there all stops for every use this train)too, if you are konced out.
'''Next type of Once 3 hours runs high-speed dance floors is OTU floor between Stockholm Oresundstaag.''' OTU dance floors goes from Cobenhawn Karlstad - Oslo (DK) and Malmo and continues dancing line by 59 degrees lattitude, close to south part of Sweden every 30-60 min (20-120 minbig lake). Many dance floors belongs to this groups, especially in south of Sweden with stops: (region MalmoStockholm, Kristianstadt[Sodertajle Syd], Karlskrona[Katrineholm], VaxjoHallsberg , AlvestaDegerforos, LundKristinehamn, HaselholmKarlstad, HalmstadtArvika SE, HelsinborgKonsvinger NO, GoteborgOslo S NO). There are a lot Some SJ Snabbtaag goes between Stockholm and Karlstad only and some of OTU dance floors them takes whole journey between Oslo and Stockholm. Only some trains stops in Scania – at least once a hour Katrineholm and twice a hour or more times in close to Malmo Sodertajle Syd, every 20 minutes most of trains does not stops between Malmo Hallsberg and CopenhagenStockholm. Distances There was SJ Snabbtaag without stop between stops are 5-35 kmStockholm and Karlstad, you have to have reservation (Obligatory is buying ticket before boarding, you can but not buy ticket in train)anymore. So you It can try to say that you lost ticket or you have ticket in phone but empty battery. This dance floors have 3-5 wagons be SJ IC train instead of SJ Snabbtaag between Karlstad and Stockholm with bistro in the middlesame stops. And there is twice a day between Goteborg – Karlstad – Hallsberg – Stockholm train Bergslagstaag (blue R at idos. Amount cz) with lot of passengers is fairy good, especially close to Malmo stops between Goteborg and conductor checks every 1-2 Karlstad buts stops only new passengers between Karlstad and Stockholm are (Every 2-4 stops close to bridgeStockholm, [Flren Station], Katrineholm, Hallsberg , Degerforos, where stops are quite closeKristinehamn, only 2-5 kmKarlstad). But if your apperance is not usualIf you are kicked out, it is more difficult (and usually better to wait for next train with not so many passengers on platform)stops. The penalty is SEK 1000 or DKR 750Local trains goes by Lattidude 59 journey, but it won't be given probablywith plenty of small stops. In case that black dancers are capturedThere is quite good connection with long journey trains between Stockholm and Katrineholm, they are kicked out plenty of traincommuter trains between Sodertajle and Stockholm. You can try to stay in WC during checking tickets. Conductor do not check WCThere are some local trains between Degerfors, Kristinehamn, Karlstad usually once 1-2 hour, but a lot of passengers are going to WC and there can be already someone bust with more stops and you are not able to stay too longso many people. There are usually only one or two toilets in is every hour local train. You can try to walk around conductor. But one conductor has 2-3 wagons only between Karlstad and checking Arvika, number of stops is quite fastvariable and some stops are small with not so many trains. And if you walk aroundOnly few local trains with almost no people goes between Arvika (SE) and Konsvinger (NO), the conductor might stop youbut there are many super small stops. Or you can play that you was already in In Norway – There is local train (conductor check only new passengers)without ticket checking inside L14 between Oslo and Konsvinger once a hour.
Most OTU There is once a hour high-speed dance floors Oresundstaag goes '''floor SJ Snabbtaag between Koebenhavn (DK) to Malmo'''Goteborg-Stockholm. This dance floor First train goes every 20 min quite early and latest train quite late and distance between stops sometimes, SJ Snabbtaag goes more than once a hour. It is only 1-5 km and usually 0 or 2-7 min (12 min on Oresund Bridge or 3 stops between Malmo Hillye Goteborg and Stockholm and Kastrup Airport)stops are very variable, every trains stops in another stops. There It means, if you are quite lot of passengers and conductor goes some stationskicked out, next train can be in many hours, often if you are on the bridge and toilet is often by somebody. From Malmo central dance floor goes Malmo Triangelnbad stop, Malmo HyllieSJ Regional stops in all these stops, Kastrup Lufthavn st airport but it has much more stops. But some trains does not stop at all between Goteborg and Stockholm (DKabout 5 trains per day), Taarnby st, Oerestad st, Kobenhawn .SJ Snabshaag X2 420 X 2000 5:05 has 7 stops and only this SJ Snabbstaag stops at Falköping and 9 more stations to terminal stations HelsingoerTöreboda. Denmark So this train is very not good for hitchhiking . Most trains have 2-3 stops between Goteborg and there Stockholm All possible stops are very good place – entrance to motorway is only 200 m west from Oerestad ([Helsingborg Central], [Halmstad Central], Göteborg Central, [Herrljunga station ],[Falköping Central] ,[Skövde Central], [Alingsaas station], [Töreboda station], [Hallsberg station and this entrance to motorway have a lot ], [Katrineholm] , [Södertälje Syd], Stockholm Central). Most of placestrains stops at Skövde, where cars can stop Katrineholm usual number of stops is 2-3.
Some Oresundstaag There is regional dance floors – OTU continues '''from DK floor SJ Regional with pretty much stops between Goteborg and Stockholm. (R at, SJ Regional at departure board). It is 18 stops and Malmo to Kalmar''' to Lundduration is about 4:40. Stops are: (Göteborg Central, Alingsaas station, Vaargaarda station, Herrljunga station, Falköping Central, Skövde Central, Töreboda station, Laxaa station, Hallsberg station, Kumla Station, Örebro Södra, Örebro Central, Arboga station, Köping station, Västeraas Central, HassleholmEnköping station, AlvestaBaalsta station, VaxjoSundbyberg station, Kalmar with distance Stockholm Central). BUT R92 (SJ Regional) has much less stops. You can try go by night dance floor SJ Nattaaget between stops about 8Goteborg – Stockholm -17 km. OTU trains goes Lulea NZ 92 to Stockholm, Lulea and NZ91 from DK and Malmo Lulea, Stockkholm to Kalmar or back usually once a 1 hour (or 2 hours)Goteborg. Reservation obligatory Some days NZ 91 and having tickets before boarding is in all Oresundstaag trains. But you will be NZ 92 goes only kicked out in case of being captured. Penalty is DKR 750 or SEK 1000 but it is probably between Lulea-Stockholm, not usedbetween Stockholm-Goteborg all days.
'''DK – Malmo – Goteborg''' Oresundstaag (OTU) PeterOB have not experiences with night dance floors go every hour from Denmark and Malmo to Lund, Landskrona, Helsingborg, 4 more stations to Halmstad and 5 more stations to Goteborg. Distance between stops is about 10There are obligatory of seat reservation like in high-25 km, conductor goes almost every stop speed trains. And it can be beds only and check new passengerslocked coupes inside.
'''DK High-speed dance floor SJ SnabbTaag goes north from Stockholm. Journey is Stockholm-Gavle-Hudiksvall-Sundsvall-Umea. Most of JS SnabbTaag goes only between Stockholm-Sundsvall or few trains can go only between Stockholm-Hudiksvall. About 2-4 SJ SnabbTaags per day in one direction go whole dancing line Stockholm Malmo Umeaa. Once a 2 hours goes SJ Snabbtaag Stockholm-Sundsvall. It takes about 3:34 hours Stockholm-Sundsvall and about 6:24 hours Stockholm- Kristianstad Umeaa. Usually one SJ Snabbtaag goes another north-west journey Stockholm -Gavle - Ljusdal KarlskronaOstersund.''' Oresundstag dance floors go from Denmark and Malmo to LundStops by North dancing line SJ SnabbTaag are: (Stockholm Central, Arlanda Central, Uppsala Central, Gävle Central, Söderhamn station, Hudiksvall station, Sundsvall Central, Timraa station, Härnösand station, Kramfors, HassleholmÖrnsköldsvik C, KristianstadUmeaa Östra station, 8 more stations to Karlskrona Umeaa Central every 30 min or 1 hour. Bakretaag trains type belongs to OTU too).
There are many another dancing companies in south Sweden (Scania). '''ScanetrafikenIf train does not go whole journey, Krosatagenit does not matter, Paagatag'''every stop is good. This dance floors Stops with SJ SnabbTaag are local (R-cathegory at wwwalways the with quite many stops every 4-10 km. You can buy ticket inside trainAs you know – it is visible to neighbour wagon, so you watch, when conductor asks for this first. If you have no ticket is coming and no money, you will be kicked out of trainhide on toilet during checking. There Toilets are quite lot of passengers in Malmo – Lund – Helsingborg - Kristianstad and local trains go not usually once a one or two hours. They have more stops than OTU trains. But stops without waiting room are not so common in southchecked. More north in Hassleholm – Alvesta – Helsingborg – Kalmar – Karlskrona region is not so easy situation like close to Malmo. Local dance floors go once 2 or more hours and last train goes not so late. Number of passengers is not so high. You can try to stay on WC for long time, but Or conductor go every 1-3 stops and usually do not check WC (but do not lock door for long time). Conductor checks only new passengers so and you play, that you can try to hide between passengersare here long time before.
Situation There are two night trains on journey Stockholm – Gavle – Sundsvall – Umea – Lulea, even with regional dance floors little bit less stops. Dance floor Arctic circle train from-to Kiruna, Narvik is similar in region '''Motalabest with fewest stops. Really a lot of trains goes between Stockholm and Gavle, Mjolby, Linkoping, Norrkoping''' – trains run every 30 it is 3 or 60 minutes and usually relative late (until 21-22 hours)4 stops. Number of stops There is big – every 5local train X-10-15 km usuallyTaaget between Gavle and Sundsvall with more stops. Companies are usually Östgötatrafiken; B or Veloa transport from Malmo Norrtaag dancing company with not so many more stopsgoes between Sundsvall and Umeaa. '''Motala – Mjolby – Norrkoping'''. A lot of local dance floor Between Umeaa and Boden goes Motala – 2 stations to Mjolby – only 3 stations to Linkoping– 3 stations trains pr day in one direction. One NorrTaag train and two night trains. NorrTaag has one-two extra stop close to Norrkoping – every 30 or 60 minUmeaa.
The good connection (every hour or North-West journey Stockholm-Gavle-Ljusdal-Ostersund has about 1 SJ SnabbTaag per day and 1 SJ IC with more stops plus one more) SJ regional with a lot of more stops is '''Goteborg – Boras''' and only to Ljusdal. Stops with SJ SnabbTaag are: Stops with SJ SnabbTaag: (7 stopsStockholm Central, Arlanda Central, Uppsala Central, Gävle Central, Bollnäs station, Ljusdal station, Aange station, Bräcke station, Östersund Central) or '''Nassjo – Linkoping'''. '''From Uddevalla to Goteborg''' trains go every 1-2 hour and this is 8 stops.
There are R is Night Dance Floor, SJ Nattaget (SJ Nattaget at departure board and green NZ at by main dancing long journey lines (Malmo-Stockholm), (Goteborg-Stockholm-Gavle-Sundsvall-Umea-Boden-Luleaa), and long journey night dance floor '''from Goteborg to Kalmar''' with company '''SJ Regional Arctic circle train (SJ ABStockholm-Gavle-Sundsvall-Umea-Boden-Kiruna-Narvik)''' . It is in one line one night train per night in one direction. NZ93 and NZ 94 Arctic circle train goes between Stockholm and Narvik, it is best with fewest stops at all. NZ 91 and NZ 92 goes between Goteborg – Stockholm – Luleaa, but some days only between Stockholm and Luleaa. NZ 91 and NZ 92 can be like blue regional R91 and R-group 91 at www.idos.czresp. There SJ Orviga between Sundsvall-Umeaa-Boden-Luleaa.Night trains has beds and seats too, and there is seat reservation and ticket before boarding obligatory (it . Night train is not possible to buy ticket in this usually slower than daily train). Only 4 trains a day goes from Goteborg to Kalmar (6:05 10:05 16:05 18:05) or from Kalmar to Goteborg (5:00 9:55 11:51 15:57). Stations are : (Göteborg,Boraas, Limmared, Hestra, Gnosjö, Värnamo, Alvesta, Växjö, Hovmantor, Lessebo, Emmaboda , Nybro, Kalmar)because it stand longer time in some stops. If you will be captured, you will be kicked out of PetterOB haven't try Swedish night trainyet and he do not know, but interval to next how ticket checking works in night train is here pretty long. At least most of stops have waiting room inside.
If you want to go '''NZ 94 Arctic Circle Train from Goteborg Stockholm to Oslo'''Narvik 19:00 hours(Stockholm Central 17:29 BO, Arlanda Central 17:50 17:53 BO, Uppsala Central 18:14 18:21 BO, Gävle Central 19:23 19:26, there are NSB dancing companySöderhamn station 20:23, which belongs to Norway. NSB Company belongs to NorwayHudiksvall station 21:16 21:21, Sundsvall Central 22:19 22:34, Härnösand station 23:23, Kramfors 23:52, Örnsköldsvik C 0:44, so it is higher chance to get penalty in this train. At you will see R-train 4 stops from Goteborg to Halden (first stop in Norway) and "REG" train from Halden to Oslo (7 stopsUmeaa Central 1:40 1:50, 5 stops Halden-MossBastuträsk station 3:23, Moss is first Jörn station with local orange trains without checking)3:46, but it is the same train without changing in Halden (one train Goteborg-Oslo). This trains go from Goteborg Älvsbyn station 4:35 645 4:55 1346, Boden Centralstation 5:00 1724 5:55 and from Oslo 51, Murjek station 7:01 1323, Nattavaara station 7:01n 1550, Gällivare station 8:28 1824, KIRUNA STATION 9:36 9:54, Abisko Östra Station 10:57, Abisko Turiststation 11:02. But between Oslo and Halden train goes every hour. And you can use local trains without checking between Oslo and Moss., Björkliden station 11:12, Katterjaakk station 11:36, Riksgränsen station 11:41, Katterat 11:59 12:00, Narvik 12:29 GO)
More north is situation more difficult. There are only local trains '''From Stormstad NZ 93 Arctic Circle Train from Narvik to Uddevallaa and Goteborg''' local trains goes less than two Stockholm 18:00 hours (6Narvik 15:15 BO, Katterat 15:42 15:43, Bjoernfjell 15:59 16:00, Riksgränsen station 16:04, Katterjaakk station 16:41 10, Björkliden station 16:31 14, Abisko Turiststation 16:27 41, Abisko Östra Station 16:26 47, KIRUNA STATION 17:58 18:25, Gällivare station 19:34, Nattavaara station 20:08, Murjek station 20:41 20:42, Boden Centralstation 21:38 21:55, Älvsbyn station 22:24, Jörn station 23:25, Bastuträsk station 23:48, Umeaa Central 1:15 1:19, Örnsköldsvik C 2:17, Kramfors 3:03, Härnösand station 3:31, Sundsvall Central 4:24 4:35) and back from Goteborg to Stormstad (, Hudiksvall station 5:39, Söderhamn station 6:40 1018 6:40 1229, Gävle Central 7:40 1425 7:40 1827, Uppsala Central 8:40). It is 26 8 stops Goteborg-Uddevalla :33 GO, Arlanda Central usually with a lot of passengers and 8 more stops from Uddevalla :51 8:54 GO, Stockholm Central to Stromstad central with few passengers only. Many stops are without waiting room and it is during winter, windy weather with rain and snowing difficult. Temperature during January can be -9:15 or even -20 during night. There is road from Uddevallaa to Stromstad close to many stops (for hitchhikingGO). But be kicked out from last train into dark is not so nice.
'''Dancing NZ92 from Goteborg -Stockholm to north – Karlstad- Kristinehamn''' is not so easy. Direct trains go from Goteborg 6Luleaa 16:41 hours(Göteborg Central 18:30 BO, Herrljunga station 19:17, Skövde Central 19:51, Hallsberg station 20:15 755, Stockholm Central 22:15 1335-22:15 1540, Arlanda Central 23:15 1604, Uppsala Central 23:25 and 1726, Gävle Central 0:15. Some trains continues to Kristinehamn or even to '''Falun or Gavle''' – but this trains have pretty much stops and bad connection23, not so many passengers. You can go one Söderhamn station by X2 (SJ Snagstaab) to '''Skövde''' and '''from Skövde to Karlstad''' (111:10 And 17, Hudiksvall station 1:44)43, but from Nassjo to Karlstad only Sundsvall Central 2:47-2 trains a day go (Nässjö :58, Härnösand station 3:52, Kramfors 4:21, Örnsköldsvik C 5:07, Nordmaling station 5:47, Umeaa Östra station 6:19, Umeaa Central 6:25-6:30, Vindeln station 7:14, Bastuträsk station 8:28, JönköpingJörn station 8:51 8:53, SkövdeÄlvsbyn station 9:52, MariestadBoden Centralstation 10:22-10:37, KristinehamnSunderby sjukhus station 10:59-11:01 GO, Karlstad Luleaa Central 11:11 GO). But many stops can be without waiting room and interval to next train is pretty long.
'''Local dance floor Värmlandstrafik goes between KristinehamnNZ 91 from Luleaa to Goteborg-Stockholm 18:04 hours(Luleaa Central 17:31 BO, Sunderby sjukhus station 17:44 BO, KarlstadBoden Centralstation 18:06-18:25, ArvikaÄlvsbyn station 19:01, CharlottenbergJörn station 20:04, Konsvinger (NO).''' The distance between stops is only 5Bastuträsk station 20:33-10 km and many stops are without waiting room. Number of passenger is at begin quite big but conductor goes every stops and check new passengers. Trains have usually 220:34, Vindeln station 21:26, Umeaa Central 22:21-3 wagons an 22:26, Umeaa Östra station 22:29, Nordmaling station 23:03, Örnsköldsvik C 23:34, Kramfors 0:21, Härnösand station 0:50, Sundsvall Central 1:47-1:52, Hudiksvall station 2 WC. You can try to be hidden in WC or between passengers which were already checked. If you will be captured:52, you will be asked for buy ticket. If you are kicked out to good stationsSöderhamn station 3:26, next train goes in one hour but some stations (like Lene and Brunsberg and some stops after Arvika) are dangerous – only some trains stops in this stations and no train after 18 o clock stops there and interval to next train 2Gävle Central 4:27-4 hours or whole night (trains in other bigger stops goes once a hour:30, Uppsala Central 5:30-5:43, Arlanda Central 6:04-6:06, Stockholm Central 6:31-6:41, Hallsberg station 9:00, Skövde Central 9:56, Herrljunga station 10:37, Göteborg Central 11:35 GO). There is no waiting house NZ 91 and winter can be cruel. It can be bellow NZ 92 do not goes all days from-20 degrees in this areato Goteborg, some days only between Stockholm and Luleaa.
It is from Kristinehamn 3 stops to Karlstad by local and regional train and trains go there quite often (Kristinehamn-Karlstad is NZ 1 stop only by high speed train SJ Sngstaab) . From Karlstad to Arvika and Charlottenberg (last Swedish station) goes dance floors every hour, but without standing in every stop. It is from Karlstad Stockholm to Arvika 5 stops but some trains (usually once 2 Malmo 07:46 hours) stops at '''Lene and Brunsberg''' (Last train 17Stockholm Central 23:09 from Karlstad to Lene and no more train stop there at eveningBO, but last train without this terrible stops 22Södertälje Syd 23:13 from Karlstad to Arvika). Some trains stops only in Kill and Trains which stops in Lene are only (638 BO, Norrköping Central 1:5005, 7Linköping Central 1:3242-1:47, 12Nässjö Central 3:07 3:3951, 14Alvesta station 4:3745, 15Älmhult station 5:47 and 17:09). You can go back Högboda18, where more trains stops. But if you go to Arvika, you can use X2 fast train SJ Snagstaab – 1 stop only from Karlstad to Arvika and next stop is already in Norway. Number of stops between Charlottenberg and Arvika is from 2 to Hässleholm Central 5 and only :53-5 trains a day stops in small stops. Some trains go to Kongsvinger in Norway (trains with all stops usually). There are many stops without waiting room:56 GO, only with roof against rain and some stations like Lene are far from road. Last local train with all stops goes before 18 o clock from Karlstad and temperature during winter can be Lund Central 6:36-20. But it is much better to use fast train SJ Snagstaab (Karlstad-Arvika-Konsvinger-Oslo6:44 GO, Malmö Central 6:55 GO). There are local orange trains without checking Konsvinger - Oslo.
There are a lot of trains '''between Karlstad and Kristinehamn'''. Best is fast dance floor X2 – SJ Snagstaab – it is one stop only. Or it is NZ 2 from Malmo to Stockholm 07:46 hours(Malmö Central 22:08 BO, Lund Central 22:23-22:24 BO, Hässleholm Central 23:08 BO, Älmhult station 23:44, Alvesta station 0:16, Nässjö Central 1:11, Linköping Central 2:29-3 stops by local Värmlandstrafik dancing company and this dance floor goes at least every hour:13, Norrköping Central 3:45-3:52, Katrineholm 4:26, Södertälje Syd 5:25-5:27 GO, Stockholm Central 5:54 GO).
There are another dance floor - '''Bergslagstag (Goteborg-Karlstad-Kristinehamn-Grängesberg-Falun)''' with stops 5-15 km away and not so many passengers after Kristinehamn. It is 8 stops from Goteborg to Karlstad, only one stop from Karlstad to Kristinehamn Station and 5 stops more from Kristinehamn to Grängesberg, after Grängesberg - next stops are Ludvika, Borlange, Falun. Most dangerous is situation between Kristinehamn and Grängesberg. There are probably all 5 stations without waiting room and only two trains a day (Goteborg 6:15 Karlstad 8:36 Kristinehamn 9:00 Hällefors 10:10 Grängesberg 10:51 and Falun 12:14), Or (Goteborg 14:10 Karlstad 16:35 Kristinehamn 9:00 Hällefors 17:59 Grängesberg 18:40 and Falun 19:55), way back (Falun 6:18, Grängesberg 7:29, Hällefors 8:08, Kristinehamn 9:07-9:22, No Karlstad, DEGERFORS 9:36-10:05 and Goteborg 12:25) and (Falun 13:48, Grängesberg 14:56, Hällefors 15:40, Kristinehamn 16:37-16:42, Karlstad 17:10-17:13, Goteborg 19:45) . It is pretty much stops. Between Grängesberg and Falun is not danger – there is waiting room in every stop and every 2 hours goes another dance floor between Falun and Mjolby. Between Kristinehamn and Goteborg is not so danger situation – trains go usually every hour. But the journey through 6 stops '''(Grängesberg, Bredsjö, Hällefors, Grythyttan, Nykroppa, Storfors, Kristinehamn)''' is really danger. There is no waiting room in stops (only in bigger stops with more of trains - Grängesberg, Kristinehamn. This train has only 2-3 carriages, one WC only and few passengers only, conductor goes every 1-2 stops. There are only two trains a day in one direction (morning and afternoon) and only stations Hällefors and Storfosvare are close to road. Villages can be deeply in forest and only 0-2 passengers go to train. You can wait there many hours and temperature in this area can be -20 or even -25 or -30. Death during exam is possible here.
Similar situation is with local dance floor '''Tag i Bergslagen''' - Svenska Tagkompaniet AB '''Karlstad – Hallsberg – Frovi – Fargesta – Gavle''', it goes once a day from Karlstad 5:49, 3 more stops to Kristinehamn 6:12, DEGERFORS 6:27, Hallsberg 6:59, Örebro 7:21, Frövi 7:35, 10 more stations to Gävle Central 9:55 through Fagersta , Avesta, Fors, Storvik. And only 3 trains a day goes from Fagersta to Gavle (From Fargesta 6:00, 8:16, 18:07), and three trains a day from Gavle to Fagersta. If you are kicked out between this stations (7 more stations between Gavle and Fargesta), there are only this three trains a day and no waiting room in stops. There is no so many people in this area and road can be far away with only few cars. From Gavle to Fagersta trains go at 4:30, 8:26, 16:28, 18:56 . First three trains continues to Hallsberg or more, last train goes only to Fagersta. This trains have only few passengers, 1-2 carriages and one WC only.
Better situation Next type of dance floors is by dance floor '''Mjolby - Hallsberg - Orebro - Borlange - Falun - Gavle''' OTU – Oresundstaag (Oresundstaag at departure board, it blue OTU at Name is by R-type from Oresund bridge between Malmo (SE) and Copenhagen (DK), which this dance floors pass. Oresundstaag train '''Tag i Bergslagen Svenska''' Tagkompaniet ABgoes from Helsingor (DK) to Copenhagen (DK), Malmo (SE), Lund. Trains go '''Oresundstaag continues from Mjolby''' 10:06Lund to 3 branches in Sweden, first branch is to Hassleholm, 12:06Alvesta, 14:06Vaxjo,16:06 – not so many Kalmar (Some trains a daygoes only from-to Vaxjo), second branch is to Hassleholm, Kristianstad, Ronneby, Karlskrona. This branch has no stop between Hassleholm and it Lund. Third branch is long journey with 19 stops and journey duration 5:25from Lund to Helsingborg, Halmstad, Goteborg. Distance There is once a hour Oresundstaag train in every branch (once a 2 hour between stops is 10-25 km Vaxjo, Kalmar and conductor almost in all branches during weekend), it means that Oresundstaag goes after every stop and checks new passengersonce a 20 min (once a 40 min in weekend) between Lund, Malmo, Copenhagen(DK), Helsingor (DK). '''from Gavle''' trains goCommon stops are: 6:19(Helsingoer, Snekkersten, Espergaerde, Humlebaek, Nivaa, Kokkedal, Hellerup, Oesterport, Noerreport,Koebenhavn H, Oerestad, Taarnby, 8:21Kastrup Lufthavn, 10:20Malmö Hyllie station, 12:20Malmö Triangeln station,14:21Malmö Central,16:21Lund Central). Distance between There are many stops around Copenhagen, it is 8-25 kmusualy less than 5 min to next stop, conductor goes every distance is 1-2 station 8 min, 14 min between Kokkedal st and Hellerup st, 12 min in Oresund Bridge between Malmö Hyllie (SE) and he did not checks WCKastrup Lufthavn (DK). At idos. WC is free most of time cz here is 10-40 passengers you see Oresundstaag like blue OTU between Copenhagen H and final destination in trainSweden, 2-3 wagons and 1-2 WCs, 1-2 conductorsblue OTU with another number between Helsingor and Copenhagen. Coductor check only new passengers. Most of stations have waiting roomBut it is one train, but some not like Storaa, Koppabergtwo trains. Oerestad is station close to good hitchhicking point to west and south You can try (to hide in WC every checking or just hide between passengers which was already checkedDenmark, Germany). Conductor do not check WC usually and not so many passengers go Good entrance to WCmotorway E20 is about 200-300 m west from station. If you are capturedwant to get to Malmo, you can buy ticket for short distance or you have to go out in next stop. Or you can buy ticket for 1-2 stop before boarding (about Eur 4-8) and you can continue more farbest is train. But the difficultness hitchiking point is that last train goes quite early and interval to next train is 2 hours or whole night – 12 hours. Temperature during winter can be crossroad before bridge-20 or even -28 and some stations are without waiting room or waiting room is closed during night. Some stations like Stora are out of main road to Borlange and Faluntunnel, about 300 m east from station Kastrup Lufthavn.
There are is usually only small towns one ticket checking between Malmo and Copenhagen and villages '''in area Borlange, Falun, Gavletrain is quite crowded, Malung, Torsby, Filipsstadt, Avesta'''especially inside Malmo. Roads are Ticket checking is usually with not so many cars (roads close to towns are good)during crosing bridge. And there are not so many dance floors PeterOB made this journey 4 times and he was always hiding in this area (last goes quite earlytoilet, when conductor is near. PetterOB does not so many passengersknow, not waiting room how is it between Helsingor and long time Copenhagen.After Lund – OTU dancing line splits to next train. Biggest towns are Borlange and Falun3 branches. Line Malun, Borlange, Falun Gavle is last area with relative good train connection. There are railroad '''from Borlange to Mora''' (7-8 stops, about 75 min, train goes every 2 hours from 6:40 to 22:13, through Ratwik), distance Distance between stops are about is usually 10-15 30 km, terminal station Morastrand or Mora, there is Rand 10-type dance floor 25 min. Conductor comes usually once 1- company '''Tag i Bergslagen''' Svenska Tagkompaniet AB dance floor2 stations and he checks only new passengers. But twice a day '''IC from Stockholm to Mora''' goes (through Avesta, Borlange, Rattvik) (Stockholm 9:45 or 17:45Train is usually crowded and toiled is often occuped, from Stockholm 7 stops to (Borlange – arrival 12:13 or 20:05), from Borlange 7 stops to (Mora arrival 13:34 or 21:26). It is dance company SJ Snagstaab but there is not so high speed and distance you can simple hide between stops passengers, when conductor is 10-15 km checking new passengers only . OTU trains are crowded between Alvesta – Hassleholm – Lund same as regional train. '''Back journey:''' from Mora 14:32 to Borlange 15:52-15:57Malmo – Copenhagen, Stockholm 18:16 but relative empty near Karlskrona or morning train SJ Snagstaab from Mora 6:27 Borlange 7:49-7:52 Stockholm 10:16Kalmar.
There is rail-road triangle '''Storvik-Ockelbo-Gavle''', Stops for Kalmar Branch (only from Gavle to Ockelbo once a 2 hours trains go. X-Target or X-trafik AB dancing companies are there, only one station between Gavle Kalmar and Ockelbbo, train continues to Ljusdal 8 stops. Better is SJ Ab dance floor with 5 stations '''from Gavle to Ljusdal''' (3 stations between Stockholm – GavleVaxjo). Interval to next train is 1-2 hours and last train goes after 21:00. Distance between stops is about 15-20 km. '''Journey to north''' is possible by X2 SJ Snagstaab dance floor from Gavle to Sundsvall only 3 stops and next 6 stops from Sundsvall to Umeaa (more north in Baltic coastKalmar Central, Nybro Station, Emmaboda station, Lessebo station, Hovmantorp station, Växjö station, Alvesta station, Älmhult, Osby(S), Hässleholm Central, Höör Station, Eslöv station, Lund Central). Or By X-target/X-Trafik dance floor from Gavle to Sundsvall 6 or 7 stops. But this area is with low population density and there is not so many passengers in this area and many stations for local dance floor X-target can be without waiting room. And temperature can be -20 or even bellow -30 during winter.
'''From Sundswall to Umea''' [[UserStops Karlskrona branch:PeterOB|PeterOB]] recommends to use X2 dance floor SJ Snagstaab (Karlskrona Central, Bergaasa station, Ronneby station, Bräkne- it is 6 stops ant id goes only twice a day from Sundswall (19:55Hoby station, Karlshamn Station, Mörrum station, Sölvesborg station, Bromölla station, Kristianstad Central, Hässleholm Central, Lund Central) and night dance floor from Sundwal 3:13.
During day Stops Goteborg Branch:(5:51 to 19:12Göteborg Central, Mölndal Nedre station, Kungsbacka Station, Varberg Station, Falkenberg(S) dance floors regional (Company Norrtag, Halmstad Central, Laholm station, Bastad station, Ängelholm Station, Helsingborg Central, Landskrona station, Lund Central) goes once a two hours and it is 12 stops from Sundswall to Umea. Distance between stops is about 15-20 km. There are not so many passengers in train and some stops are without waiting room.
Dance floor '''Arctic Circle Pagataag is local train in Scane,, between most of bigger towns. Train''' - SJ AB - is usually violet, with long wagons, you can see quite far in train. Conductor goes once a few stations and he check new passengers. Some Pagataag trains are crowded. You can just hide between passengers, or you can go t toilet, when conductor is coming. If you are captured, you can be me kicked out from Stockholm (15:59) 3 stops to Gavle 19:19train, if something happen. But of course, 3 stops to Sundswall 21:36 and 4 stops to Umeaa 1:08some small stations can be without waiting room. Distance between stops can be 70is about 3-100 10 kmand 3-10 minutes. It Interval to next train is betterusually 20-120 minutes. Pagataag goes quite often is some lines. Trains goes between Malmo, Trelleborg (south coast, ferry to Germany, Poland), because this train have not so many stopsYstad (coast, place with ferries), Lomma, Landskrona, Lund, Hasssleholm, Helsingborg, Kristiandstad and other places.
From Balic coast Crosataagen is local yellow train with lot of stops in region north from Hassleholm and Skane, in Kronnobergs lan and Jonkopings lan (Sundswallbetween Hassleholm, Osby, Almhult, Alvesta, Vaxjo, Ljungby, Varmano, Jonkoping and other towns) . It is one rail road to Ostersundsmall yellow train with 2-3 wagons. There can be relative lot of passengers after big town, but many stops are almost with no people and train can be quite empty. Interval between trains is 1-3 hours. Conductor goes usually after big town or every few stops. It Line Alvesta – Nassjo – Jonkoping is 13 with quote lot of stops by local Norrtag dance floor, distances and not so many people.Distance between stops is only 75-15 10 km and only. Some stops are without waiting room by small village. You can try just hide between passengers or in toilet. If you will be captured, conductor ask you first for buy ticket. And you can be kicked out from train goes from 5-20 o clock every 2 hoursafter.
Kustpilen is train between Ostergotlan and Kalmar lan. Journey is between Kalmar – Linkoping and Vastervik – Linkoping. One branch with one stop is from Berga to Oskarshamn. There is journey '''ferry from Oskarshamn to Visby – Gotland Island.Train has about 3-4 vagons and it is not so good visible from Sundswall one vagon to Kiruna'''another. EC Dance Floor Arctic circle train Istance between stops is about 10-40 km. Conductor goes usually once a day from Stockholm (15:59) 6 1-2 stops and he checks new passengers. There is quite lot of people in train, so you can try to Sundvall (21:36)hide between passengers like you was already there. Or you can hide in toilet, conductor does not check it.If you are captured, conductor ask you for buy a ticket. There is possible to use credit card only in train, no cash. It is written on the door, that penalty is SEK 1000, 4 more but you will bee just kicked out. But some stops are without waiting room. Interval to Umeaa (next train is usually 1:11)-3 hours, 4 more stops to Boden last train is not so late (5:25about 19-521).Stops are:44(Kalmar Central, Blomstermaala station, Högsby, Berga (Högsby kn)station, Hultsfred station, Vimmerby, Kisa, Rimforsa, 4 more Linköping Central) It is one stops to Kiruna (9:31-9:49) with another train between Berga and 7 more stops to Narwik (Norway – atlantic coast) 12:36Oskarshamn. Back Stops during second journey is from Narwik (15:12) to Kiruna (18:00-18:16) Boden (21:37 – 21:57)Västervik station, Gamleby station, Överums Bruk station, Falerum station, Umaa (1:42-1:45)Aatvidaberg station, Sundsvall (5:10-5:45Linköping Central), Stockholm C 10:23.
'''Stockholm (Goteborg) – Luleaa:''' There Situation with regional dance floors is another train - which start from Goteborg (NZ night train) 18:35similar in region Motala, Mjolby, continues to (Stockohl-Gavle-Sundvall)Linkoping, Umea 7:03-7:08 Norrkoping – Östgötapendel trains run every 30 or 60 minutes and 5 more stations to Boden 11:04-11:29 and Luleaa 12:09, BACK from Luleaa 16:47 Boden 17:23-17:39 Umeaa usually relative late (until 21:55-22:00 Goteborg 11:2524 hours). Only 2 long journey trains a day go this journey Number of stops is big NZ train and Arctic circle train, booth with seat reservation obligatory. Distance between stops stop is 30every 5-10-70 15 kmusually. Motala – Mjolby – Norrkoping. '''Local dance floors Luleaa-Boden-Kiruna:''' There are A lot of local dance floors (Company Norrtag) from Luleaa 6:27, floor goes Motala – 2 stations to Mjolby – 3 stations to Boden 6:55 and 4 more Linkoping– 3 stations to Kiruna 10:03Norrkoping – every 30 or 60 min. Train is not so long with one toilet in the middle. You can see through whole train.'''Three local trains per day Conductor goes from Luleaa to Kiruna:''' 6:27nce a 1-3 stops and he checks new passengers. Unfortunately, 12:18 and 16:35 and three local trains per day goes from Kiruna to Luleaa 5:51place,11:01where conductor sits,17:09is close to toilet. Many stops are probably withouth waiting room and temperature can be -40 during winter. Distance between stops It is 30-80 km good connection to Motala and there are only few passengers – condutor easily can see who one station from Motala to Hallsberg with Taag I Berslagen. Ammount of Passengers in Ostgotapendel is new and there are not so many people during boarding (and many stops without waiting room). And if conductor gives echo to next trainsmall, you are lostbut not really big.
'''From Kiruna There are R dance floor from Goteborg to Narvik Kalmar with company SJ Regional (SJ AB dancing company) (NOSJ Regional at departure board):''' in R-group at There is Arctic circle seat reservation and ticket before boarding obligatory (it is not possible to buy ticket in this train ). Only 4 trains a day goes from Bastuträsk Goteborg to Kalmar (26:05 10:05 16:05 18:5105), 7 stations or from Kalmar to Kiruna Goteborg (5:00 9:31-955 11:51 15:4957) and 7 more stations to Narvik . Stations are: (12:36Göteborg, Boraas, Limmared, Hestra, Gnosjö, Värnamo, Alvesta, Växjö, Hovmantor, Lessebo, Emmaboda , Nybro, Kalmar). Another IC If you will be captured, you will be kicked out of train, but interval to next train is from Luleaa here pretty long. At least most of stops have waiting room inside. From Goteborg to Oslo, there is NSB dancing company (11:07NSB at departure board, NSB is main Norwegian dancing company,) 7 . NSB Company belongs to Norway, so it is higher chance to get penalty in this train. At you will see R-train 4 stops from Goteborg to Kiruna Halden (15:27first stop in Norway) and 11 more "REG" train from Halden to Oslo (7 stops, 5 stops Halden-Moss, Moss is first station, where starts local orange norwegian train to Narvik (18:22Oslo, without checking), but it is still one train Between Goteborg and Oslo.'''From Narvik to Kiruna (NO)NSB trains go from Goteborg 4:''' IC dance floor strarts in Narvik (NO) 1035 6:38, 11 stops to Kiruna (55 13:36-00 17:55 and from Oslo 7:01 13:54)01n 15:28 18:02. REG NSB trains between Halden and Oslo goes quite often, usually once a hour.Between Oslo and Moss train goes every hour, it is local train with orange door, 6 without ticket checking.Västtrafik dancing company is in area Stormstad - Uddevallaa -Goteborg. There is only six trains during day between Stormstad and Goteborg. Interval to next train is 2-4 hours. It is 8 stops Goteborg-Uddevalla Central and 8 more stops between Uddevalla Central to Stromstad. Many stops are without waiting room and it is during winter, windy weather with rain and snowing difficult. Temperature during January can be -15 or even -20 during night. There is road from Uddevallaa to Stromstad close to Luleaa many stops (17:41for hitchhiking). Another nordic dance floor Arctic circle But be kicked out from last train starts 15:12 in Narvikinto dark is not so nice. There are lot of passengers between Uddevalla and Goteborg, 8 stops but train is only with few passengers close to Kiruna 18:00Stormstad. Conductor goes and checks new passengers every 1-18:163 stations, not so often between Uddevalla and Goteborg. You can stay long time, or when conductor is coming in toilet, 8 almost nobody goes to toilet close to Stormstad.The good connection (every hour or more othen) with a lot of stops is Goteborg – Boras (7 stops) or Nassjo – Linkoping. From Uddevalla to Umeaa Goteborg trains go every 1:42-2 hour and this is 8 stops.As you can see Local dance floor Värmlandstrafik (Lanstaag at departure board, only two R-trains a day at goes between Kristinehamn, Karlstad, Arvika, Charlottenberg, Konsvinger (NO). The distance between Narvik stops is only 5-10 km and many stops are without waiting room. Number of passenger is quite big, conductor goes almost every stops and Kiruna (checks new passengers. Trains have usually 2-3 more local dance floors wagons an 1-2 WC. You can try to be hidden in WC or between passengers which were already checked. If you will be captured, you will be asked for buy ticket.Local trains goes only once a 2-4 hours from Kiruna Karlstad to Boden Arvika and Umeaa during dayCharlottenberg (SE), some trains continues to Konsvinger (NO). Stops are (Karlstad Central, Kil Station, Fageraas station, Högboda station, Edane station, Arvika station, Aamotfors station, Charlottenberg station, [Konsvinger (NO)]). Smalt ammount of psassengers There can be some trains with more stops - Lene, Brunsberg before Arvika and stops withouth Ottebol station, Lerot, As after Arvika. These stations are small without waiting room can beand not so many trains stops there, if any. It is easy to stack there during night. And it death during exam is 8 or 11 possible there.Local trains Lanstaag goes once a 2 hour between Karlstad and Kristinehamn. Stops are: (Karlstad Central,Valsviken station, Väse station, Kristinehamn Station). But there are many trains with no stops between Narvik and Kiruna Karlstad and Kristinehamn. It is SJ regional, which goes only two this short journey, Berglasbanen, trains a day in one directionfrom Goteborg to Stockholm or Falun and SJ IC or SJ Snabbtaag. So three SJ Snabbtaag, that continues to Oslo, stops have only one train a day in one direction Kristinehamn, Karlstad, Arvika, Konsvinger (NO). Some Lanstaag goes whole journey Charlottenberg – Kristinehamn.
Between Goteborg, Karlstad Kristinehamn, Stockholm, Falun goes another dance floor – Bergslagstag, (BersTaag at departure board). There are only one or two trains per day between Goteborg and Stockholm, through Karlstad. But not all days this train goes, only in some days. Second branch is from Karlstad to Falun, with 1 or 2 trains per day, if any. So it means that time to next BersTaag is many hours or even days. But There are usually many another trains, but not between Kristinehamn and Grangesberg. It is specific danger place, where trains are really rare and only Hallefors is close to road. Distance between stops is 10-30 km and many stops are small, withouth waiting room.
BersTaag is small train with one or two wagons. Number of passengers is really small on way Falun-Kristinehamn, but there can be lot of people in another lines. Conductor goes once 1-2 stations, and he checks nef passengers. But it is with not so many people easy to see, who is new. But almost no body goes to toilet, you can try to hide there.
Stops on line Goteborg – Karlstad – Stockholm are: (Göteborg Central, Trollhättan Central, Öxnered station, Mellerud station, Aamaal Station, Säffle station, Grums station, Kil Station, Karlstad Central, Kristinehamn Station, Degerforos, Hallsberg, Katrineholm, [Flen Station], Stockholm). Another branch is between Goteborg and Falun. Stops between Goteborg and Kristinehamn are the same, but branch to Falun continues: (Kristinehamn, Storfors, Nykroppa, Grythyttan, Hällefors, Bredsjö, Grängesberg, Ludvika, Borlange, Falun). Only one otr two Berglastaag goes between Karlstad and Falun, if any. There is no train on this line many days. Stations Grängesberg, Ludvika, Borlange, Falun are not so bad, because there is waiting room and every two hours another train. But stations Storfors, Nykroppa, Grythyttan, Hällefors, Bredsjö are really dangerous. Next train goes in any direction after many hours, or days and these stations are without waiting room. Only Hallefors is close to road, other stations are nowhere in the forest. Here can be -15 during day and -25 at night.
There is another dancing line with Berglasbanen, between Goteborg and Karlstad. Only one BersTaag per day goes this journey, if any, but many other trains goes there: (Göteborg Central, Herrljunga station, Falköping Central, Skövde Central, Töreboda station, Laxaa station, Degerefors, Kristinehamn Station, Karlstad Central).
'''From Stocholm to Gavle:''' There are many long jourey or high-speed dance floors in this direction – every 1-2 SJ Regional goes once a two hours between Goteborg and interval to next dance floor can be even shorter than hourKarlstad. It is only three stations (from Stockolm to Gavle) and long journey dance floor 8 stops only for getting into train (but you can still be kicked out of, however ticket inspection can be after Gavle). First train goes 6:22 and last NZ 92 22:40. Some long journey trains come from Goteborg, this trains continues much more north (Sundsvall, Umeaa, Lueleaa, Kiruna, Narvik (NO)). And you can use a lot of this long journey trains on way back. Distance distance between stops is 10-30-70 km. There are local dance floors – some trains go from Linkoping central – 3 or 2 stations (or 7 stations) to Stockholm and 3-4 stations to Gavle. Company is SJ AB (Swedish Railway) and there are reservation obligatory with ticket before boarding (ticket belongs to name) in some trains with less stops. Some trains go just from Stockholm or from Linkoping to Stockholm only. But many trains goes between Linkoping and Stocknolm or between Stockholm and Gavle. First train is with a can be quite lot of stops. Linköping Central 5:00 – 7 stops to Stockholm central 7:09-7:15 - Arlanda Central 7:34 - Uppsala Central 7:52 - Tierp station 8:21 – Gavle Central 8:46. There is not more stops than 4 between Gavle and Stocholm. Long journey trains and fast trains do not stops in Tierp station. So the connection passengers and train to Gavle goes every 30-120 min (not in time 22:40-6:22). '''Back from Gavle to Stockholm:''' Usually once a hour, first train 4:30 and 6:10, last train 20:14 and 21:08has few wagons. It is 3 or 4 stops. Long journey trains stops only for getting off (it You can be more difficult to get hide intoilet, you can try to say that you just look what stop when conductor is now and you you still continue journey). Morning train goes from Ljusdal station 5:38 – 4 stops coming (not so easy to – Gavle central 7:12-7:14 and Stockholm Central 8:46. '''Ljusdal – Stockholm:''' First train SJ AB regional goes 5:38 – 4 stops see to – Gavle Central 7:12-7:14 – 4 stops to Stockholm Central 8:46. Second '''X2 565 SJ 3000 Östersund – Gavle - Stockholm:''' Östersund Central 5:46 – 3 stops to Ljusdal station 7:42 – 2 stations to Gavle central 9:12-:14 – 3 stations to - Stockholm Central 10:38. Third '''IC85 Aare – Ljusdal – Gavle - Stockholm:''' Aare station 15:54 – 4 stations to - Östersund Central 17:13-17:16 – 3 stations to – Ljusdal station 19:20 – 3 stations to - Gavle Cental 21:04-20:08 – 3 stations to Stockholm central 22:46. '''Stockholm - Ljusdal :''' Only 3 trains a day. One regional train per day only – Stochlolm Central 16:15 – 3 stops to Gavle central 17:43-17:44-4 stops to Ljusdal station 19:16. '''IC 84: Stockholm – Gavle – Ljusdal – Ostresund – Duved:''' Stockholm Central 14:14 – 3 stops to - Gavle central 16:00-16:02 – 3 stops to - Ljusdal station 17:45 – 3 stops to - Östersund Central 19:44-19:46 - Undersaaker station 20:58-21:00 - Aare station 21:09-21:19 – Duved station 21:27. '''IC 80: Stockholm – Gavle – Ljusdal – Aare:''' Stockholm Central 8:134 – 3 stops to - Gavle central 10:01-10:03 – 3 stops to - Ljusdal station 11:39 – 3 stops to - Östersund Central 13:48-13:51 - Undersaaker station 14:58 - Aare station 15:10. '''Sundsval - Östersund - Aaree – Storlien border by Local trains''': trains from Sundvall 5:10 7:45 10:13 14:08 18:18. This dance floors belongs '''Norrtag dancing company''' and trains can be rally empty - something like 10-20 passenegers, one or two another wagons), pretty much stations without waiting room and there can be only 0-5 passengers at stop. This journey is pretty north - Winter temperature can be -30 or even -40 during nightjust between many people like you were already checked. Many stops Stos are far away from road in small village in the middle of forest and distance between villages can be pretty long for walking. And of course – not so many cars on the road. This is pretty dangerous area for black dancing. Only trains from 5:10 and 14same:08 goes to Storlien (border crossing place)Göteborg Central, others trains has Duved like terminal. '''Train from 14:08:''' - Sundsvall Trollhättan Central 14:08 – 5 stations to - Bräcke , Öxnered station, Mellerud station 15:35-15:36 – 5 stations to Östersund Central 16:24-16:26 – 6 stations to – Aare , Aamaal Station, Säffle station 17:43-17:45 – Duved 17:53-17:54 – 3 stations to Storlien Border 18:26 – summary 20 stops and 4:18 duration. '''Train from 7:45:''' Sundsvall Central 7:45 – 8 stations to Bräcke , Grums station 9:21-9:22 – 4 stations to - Östersund , Kil Station, Karlstad Central 10:07-10:11 – 5 stations to – Aare 11:21-11:23 – Duved station 11:30. Summary duration 3:45, 18 stops[Kristinehamn Station]).
'''Journey Back Storlien border There is in areaa Mjolby – Hallsberg – Orebro – Borlange – Falun – Gavle Aare Mora Östersund Fargesta local dance floor Taag i Bergslagen - Sundsvall :''' Trains from Duved 6:00 10:18 12:05 Svenska Tagkompaniet AB (TiB at departure board). Taag I Bergslagen is regional dance floor (blue R at, however the dancing lines and balls are quite long. Distance between stops is 15:00 19:19 -50 km. Train is not so long, with 1-2 long wagons. It is quite easy to see through train and when conductor is coming. Conductor check tickes once 1-2 stations, usually after bigger station and from Storlien Border conductor checks new passengers only . There is about 20-60 people in train and 5-20 passengers get in-out in station. You can try to hide between passenger, just do like you are here long time, when conductor ask, who is new. There are two trains a day - 18:44 toilets in train, close to begin and end. Conductor usually does not checks toilets. Toilets are free most of time. Population density is getting less after 59 degrees line and 9:45distance between villages is bigger. '''Train 9:45''': Storlien Border 9:45 There is long dancing line Mjolby 3 stops to Orebro Duved station10:18 Borlange Aare station 10:25-10:27 Falun 6 Gavle with Taag I Bergslagen. Train goes there once a 2 hours. Mostly only TiB goes there. Most of stops are with waiting room, but not Koppaberg, Stora, don't be kicked out in winter there. There is road Hallsberg – Borlange – Falun for hitchicking too. Last train does not go so late. From Mjolby to Motala goes often and to late night Ostgotapendel and sometimes, but rare goes BerglasTaag from Falun to Grangesberg, Hallefors (area with really bad connection). Comlete journey Mjolby- Östersund Central 11:39-11:41 – 7 Gavle is with 19 stops to - Sundsvall Central 13:49and almost 6 hours. '''Train 12Stop list:05:''' Duved (Mjölby Station, Skanninge station, Motala station, Hallsberg station, Kumla Station, Örebro Södra, Örebro Central, Frövi station, Lindesberg station, Storaa station, Kopparberg Station, Ställdalen station, Grängesberg station 12:05 – Aare , Ludvika station 12:12-12:14 – 6 stops to - Östersund , Borlänge Central, Falun Central 13:24-13:26 – 5 stops to - Bräcke , Hofors station, Storvik station 14:16-14:17 – 8 stops to Sundsvall , Sandviken, Gävle Central 15:52).
'''From Stockhom to Sundwall:''' The X2 dance floors There is about oncea two hours Taag I Bergslagen (SJ Snaagstaab are bestAB) between Borlange and Mora, Morastrand. It is 9 stations and 74 minutes though this line. Distance between stops stations is 40about 5-70 20 km. X2 train go every two hours from Stockholm to Sundsvall, it is 3 stops from Stockholm to Gavle and 3 more stops to Sundsvall. Some dance floors continues much far to north. First train 6Stops are:22 from Stockohlm goes 6 stops to Sundsvall (9:56Borlänge Central, Djuraas station, Gagnef station, Insjön station, Leksand station, Tällberg station, Rättvik station, Mora station, Morastrand station) 6 more stops . Mora is already in Dalarnas lan, close to Umea centrall (12:45)Norwegian mountains. X2 Trains that continues from Sundsvall more far to Umeaa from Sundsvall: Here can be bellow -30 during winter and already in Falun-Borlange area can be bellow - departures from Sundsvall 10:05, 16:05, 20:00 25. '''R 10094 Arctic Circle Train Stockholm Umea:''' Stockholm 15:59 Sundsvall 21:27-21:36, Umea centrall 1:08Mora is quite close to Hippie Village Skattunbyn.
'''R 10094 Arctic Circle Train Bastuträsk Boden Kiruna Narvik:''' Bastuträsk station Once a 2:51 – 3 stations to – Boden Central Station 5:25-4 hours, 5:44 – 4 stations times per day, goes Taag I Bergslagen from Hallsberg though Avesta to Kiruna station 9:31-9:49 – 7 Gavle. It looks that there are not so many people and lot of stops can be without waiting room. Interval to – Narvik next train can me long. Stops are: (NO[Laxaa station], Hallsberg station, Kumla Station, Örebro Södra, Örebro Central, Frövi station, Skinnskatteberg station, Fagersta Central, Karbenning station, Avesta Krylbo station, Fors(S), Horndals Bruk station, Torsaker, Storvik station, Sandviken, Gävle Central) 12:36.
'''NZ 92:''' Goteborg 18:35 There is rail- 4 stops toroad triangle Storvik- Stockholm C 22:33-22:40 – 3 stops toOckelbo- Gavle 0:25-0:30 – 3 stops , only from Gavle to Ockelbo trains go. X- Sundsvall 2:58Target or X-3:13 – 6 stops to - Umea central7:03-7:08 – 7 stops to - Luleaa Central 12:09. You can use local trains too with distance trafik AB dancing companies are there, only one station between stops 7-20 km. Some dance floors goes from Stockholm and Linnkopig to Gavle and another regional Ockelbbo, train from Gavle continues to Sundvall. But with local trains - there are more risks of stop withouth waiting room and longer intervall to trainLjusdal 8 stops.
'''NZ 91 Back:''' Luleaa Central 16:47 – 7 stops Dancing company X-Taaget is similar to Taag I Bergslagen. Trains are not so long, it should be with two toilets and toilets are free most of time. However in this area, amount of passengers is not so big, it is difficult to hide between passengers. Many stations are small without waiting room and interval to – Umeaa Central 21:55next train can be many hoour (and last train is not so late). Temperature in this area can be in winter bellow -30 or even -35 already.X-22:00 – Taaget goes between Gavle and Sundsvall, it takes by local train about 130 minutes and 6 stops to – Sundsvall Central 1:22. Local X-1:42 – Taaget goes only once 3 stops to Gavle Central 4:26-4hours. Stops are:30 – 3 stops to (Gävle Central, Ljusne station, Söderhamn station, Iggesund station, Hudiksvall station, Gnarp station, Sundsvall Central, Sundsvall Västra station). However there is high- speed dance floor between Stockholm central 6:31-6:41 – 4 stops to – Goteborg central 11:25Gavle- Hudiksvall-Sundsvall-Umea. SJ SnabbTaag between Stockholm and Sundsvall goes once 2 hours and between Stockholm and Hudiksvall even more often. Stops with SJ Snabbtaag and long journey trains are are here ( Gävle, Söderhamn, Hudiksvall, Sundsvall).
'''NZ 93 Arctic Circle Train BackSecond line for X-Taaget is beteween Gavle and Ljusdal. X-Taaget goes here once a 2 hours usually. Stops are:''' Narvik (NOGävle Central, Ockelbo station, Lingbo (Ockelbo kn) station, Holmsveden (Söderhamn) 15:12 station, Kilafors station, Bollnäs station, Arbraa station,Vallsta station, Järvsö station, Ljusdal station).There is 2-3 times per day long journey train SJ IC or or SJ SnabbTaag SJ Regional Stockholm- Gavle 8 stops to Ljusdal Kiruna Station 18[Ostersund]. Stops with SJ IC :00-18:16 – 4 stops to - Boden (Stockholm Central, Arlanda Central, Uppsala Central, Gävle Central , Bollnäs station, Järvsö station, Ljusdal station, Aange station 21, Bräcke station, Östersund Central). Stops with SJ Regional:37-21:57 – 4 stops to – Umeaa central 1:42-1:45 - 4 stops to – Sundsvall (Stockholm Central, Arlanda Central 5:10-5:46 - 3 stops to - Gavle , Uppsala Central 8:26-8:26 – 3 stops to , Gävle C.entral, Ockelbo station, Bollnäs station, Järvsö station, Ljusdal station). Stops - Stocholm Central 10with SJ SnabbTaag:23. (Some long-journey trains go only to UmeaaStockholm Central, Arlanda Central, Uppsala Central, Gävle Central, Bollnäs station, Ljusdal station, Aange station, Bräcke station, Östersund Central).
'''X2 Trains Area around Stockholm is connected well. There are plenty of local trains every 30-60 min with a lot of stops, but almost no controll. Commuter trains – Pendeltaag goes from Umea Stockohm to many directions – To Arlanda airport, to Stockholm:''' Umeaa C 5:17Sodertalje, Sundvall C and other directions. Distances between stops are only 2-7:55km and commuter trains are quite full. There is almost no ticket checking, only something like once a 10 rides. You can see quite far inside train, when conductor is coming and you can go to area, where thickets were already checked. If you are captured, then nothing happpens, maybe, you can be kicked out. There is no toilet in commuter trains. From Sodertalje to Gnesta goes commuter trains once a 0.5-8:05 2 hours. There is ticket checking and Umeaa C 9:15 Sundvall C 11:53no toilet. You can see quite far in train. If you are captured, then nothing happens. There are gates – turnstiles from-12:04 to commuter train platforrms in Stockholm and Umeaa C 15:17 Sundvall C 17:53from-18:04 to Stockholm C 21:38subway too. But it is pretty easy to go behind somebody, the “Gate workers” do not go to you, if you pass behind somebody. There are conductors in Stockholm trams, they ask everybody for a ticket. And ticket checking is in stockholm city buses too, when you are entering. Bud trams and buses in Goteborg are without checking, only randomly ticket inspection. '''IC 95 Narvik Many trains goes from Stockholm, to north Kiruna – Boden – Luleaa:''' Narvik 10:38 – 11 stops to - Kiruna Station 13:36-13:54 – Gavle. It is nighttrain to north, SJ Snabbtaag to Hudiksvall, Sundsvall, Umea and trains to Ostersund and Ljusdal. It is usually 3 or 4 stops from Stockholm to – Boden Gavle - (Stockholm central, Arlanda Central, Uppsala Central, [Tierp station], Gavle Central Station 17:09 ). Arlanda is airport. There is local train with lot of stops every few km between Uppsala and Gavle 2 Upptaget. It is from Gavle to Tierp 5 or 6 stops and 6 stops from Tierp to – Luleaa Central 17:41Uppsala.
'''SJ Regional Trains goes Linkoping, Norrkoping, Sodertajle, Stockholm. It is with regional trains about 6 stops from Norrkoping to Stockholm, but SJ SnabbTaag and Snalltaget or IC 96 Luleaa Boden – Kiruna – Narvik:''' Luluea Central 11:07 – 2 stops only Linkoping, Norrkoping, Sodertajle, Stockholm. SJ SnabbTaag from Stockholm to - Boden Central Station 11:32-11:37 – 4 stops Goteborg has forst stop Katrineholm or Sodertajle and SJ SnabbTaag to -Kiruna Station 15:09-15:27 – 11 Karlstad or Oslo stops to – Narvik usually in Hal;sberg first stop after Stockholm (NOIt can be Katrineholm or Sodertajle too) 18:22. It is good way, how to get out from Stockholm.
So '''Journey to north is possible by X2 - SJ Snabbstaag dance floor, it is from Narvik or Kiruna Gavle to Sundsvalll''' Sundsvall only 3 stops and more south there are only two trains a day – next 6 stops from Narvik 10:38 Sundsvall to Umeaa (only to Bodenmore north in Baltic coast) . The same with night trains NZ 90 and 15:12 (to Stockholm) or if you go from Kiruna 18:16 or 13:54 (NZ 92. NZ90 has only to Boden 4 stops between Sundsvall and you wait there 13:54-17:39)Umea.
'''From Boden There is NorrTaag dancing company in north of Sweden (blue R at and NorrTaag at departure board.) - Sundsvall and more north, one branch is from Sundsvall to west, to Storlien (border with Norway and close to Trondheim). Norrtaag dancing company goes like local train with 12 stops from Sundsvall:''' NZ 91 17:39-to Umeaa. And only one Norrtaag train per day goes from Umeaa to Boden and Luleaa. But it has the same stops like two night trains and 1:22 6 stops or NZ 93 Arctic Circle Train 21:57-5:10 8 2 more stopsclose to Umeaa. Or 2 local Three trains Norrtag per day – NorrTaag dancing company: Lueaa – Umeaa: Luleaa 5:45 – 3 goes between Boden and Kiruna with 4 stops only (same stops to - Boden 6:14like trains from-6:21 – 5 stops to - Umeaa 10:11 – Only Narvik). But one local train Norrtaag per dayhas three more stops before Kiruna. This train is probably most dangerous.
'''Umea – Boden Area around Storlien-Sunsvall- Luleaa:''' Long journey trains 4 stopsUmeaa is still far from Arctic circle, from Umea 1:11 7:08Local but here are quite short winter days. Temperature here can be -30 or -35 and you can wait many hours for next train. Many stations can be without waiting room. Death during exam is possible here. The Umeaa-Boden has only 3 trains only once per dayin one direction, with 4-6 stops (continue to Luleaa 3 more . Only one train per day is NorrTaag with 6 stops): 17:15-21:00 (21:16-21:45 to Lulea).
'''Umeaa – Sundsvall:''' every hour Norrtaag dancing line between Boden and Kiruna cross Arctic circle. There are three Norrtaag local traintrains (blue R at, 12 stops, duration 3:14, first one IC train 5:32, last between Luleaa and Narvik and one train 17:45. Company Norrtag.Long journey trains, 6 stopsbetween Stockholm and Narvik, so it is 5 trains go from Umeaa: 1:45, 5:17, 9:15, 15:15, 22:00in one direction per day. '''Sundvall – Umeaa:''' Long Journey dance floors, 6 Almost all trains have 4 stopsbetween Boden and Kiruna, trains go from from Sundvall: but one Norrtaag train per day has 3:13extra stops close to Kiruna. Here are days in December pretty short and temperature in winter can be here bellow -30, 10:05frost can be up to -40. Most of stations should have waiting room, 16:05, 20:00, 21:36but three extra stations close to Kiruna are dubious. Local trains 12stops, Death during exam is possible here with NorrTaag dancing company is Norrtag: From Sundvall first , especially if train 5:51 last 19:12 , every 1-2 hourhas extra stops close to Kiruna.
'''Umeaa Norrtaag dancing line Sundsvall LuleaaAare – Duved - Storlien (SE-NO border). There are three trains from Sundsvall to Aare, Duved (5:03, 8:05, 18:13), train 8:05 ends in Aare, train 5:03 continues fo Storlien (NO-SE border). It is 20 stops from Sundsvall to duved, it takes about 3:41-3:46 hours (19 stops and 3:32-3:''' One local 39 from Sundsvall to Aare) and lot of stations are without waiting room and nowhere in forest with almost no people. Interval to next train Norrtag per can be many hours even during day 17and temperature can be -35. Death during exam is possible here.From Aare to Sundsvall trains go 12:12, 15-:21and 19:4530, 9 it is 19 stops and 2 long journey trains it takes 3:35-3:41. Afternoon train starts 15:12 in Duved (2 20 stopsand 3:47 hours)and night train starts 18: 147 in Storlien and takes vhole journey (23 stops, 5:11 713 hours).Stops are:08(Sundsvall Central, Sundsvall Västra station, Stöde station, Torpshammar station, Fränsta station, Ljungaverk station, Erikslund (Aange kn) station, Aange station, Bräcke station, Stavre (Bräcke kn) station, Gällö station, Pilgrimstad station, Brunflo station, Östersund Central, Östersund Västra station, Krokom station, Mörsil, Järpen station, Undersaaker station, Aare station, Duved station, Aann station, Enafors station, Storlien-Gr).
'''Luleaa – Once a 1-3 hours goes NorrTaag between Sundsvall and Umeaa. It is 11 stops. Stops are:''' 1 dance floor per day(Umeaa Central, Umeaa Östra, 9 stopsHörnefors, 5:45 from LueaaNordmaling, 10:11 in Umea Central.Two long journey trains Husum(2 stopsS): from Luleaa 16:47 and 21:08. (Luleaa, Örnsköldsvik Norra, Örnsköldsvik C, Kramfors, Härnösand, Timraa, Sundsvall Västra, Sundsvall Central ) - Boden – Kiruna: Local dance floors Norrtag go from Boden: 6:55 14:49 17:04. It is 3 Many stops between Lulea – Boden and 4 can be without waiting room, small stops between Boden – Kirunaonly. Long Journey trains '''from Boden R 10094 Arctic Circle Train''' 5:44 – 4 stops And here can be wind and frost up to - Kiruna 9:31 and IC 96 from Lulea 11:07 – 30.However in one direction goes here 2 stops to - Boden 11:32-11:37 - 4 SJ Snabbtaag and 2 SJ Nattaget per day. It is 6 stops to , but train From- To Kiruna 15, Narvik has ony 4 stopsa here. Stops are:09(Sundsvall, Timraa, Härnösand, Kramfors, Örnsköldsvik C, Umeaa Östra, Umeaa Central).
'''Kiruna NorrTaag between Umea – Boden - Lulea goes only once a day. Stops are:''' Local Stops are (Umeaa Central, Vannasby, Tvaralund, Vindeln, Hällnäs, Bastuträsk, Jörn, Älvsbyn, Boden, Sunderby sjukhus, Luleaa Notviken, Luleaa Central). It is only one train Norrtag (4 stops from Kiruna to per day - R 7108 Norrtaag Umea C 16:11 – Boden C 19:27 - Lulea central 20:05 and 3 more stops journey from Boden Luleaa to Umeaa goes NorrTaag in Early morning withouth stop in Hällnäs – there probably stops only one train in one direction only. There is night train NZ 91 and NZ 92 between Luleaaand Stockholm (Goteborg)with less stops, departures from Kiruna 5:51 11:01 17:09stops are (Boden, Älvsbyn, Jörn, Bastuträsk, Vindeln, duration 3-3Umeaa) ,5 hours it can be marked like SJ Orviga and R at too. There is too Arctic circle train between Kiruna - Boden Stockholm and 25 min from Boden to LuleaaNarvik NZ 93 resp. NZ 94 with 4 stops with Long journey trains from Kiruna 13:54 (continues to Luleaa) between Boden and from Kiruna 18:16 Umeaa - (continues to Boden, Älvsbyn, Jörn, Bastuträsk, Umeaa).
'''NorrTaag between Kiruna-and Boden (Luleaa). There is in one direction one night train (between Stockholm and Narvik) and one IC train between Luleaa and Narvik . Theese trains has four stops from Bodet to Kiruna or back. Stops are: (NOBoden, Murjek, Nattavaara, Gällivare, Kiruna):''' Only two long journey . There are three NorrTaag dance floors a per dayin one direction. Two of them has the same four stops, distance between stops is 20-50 km like SJ IC and there are really few passengersSJ Nattaget – NZ, mpany.8 Norrtaag dance floor has usually only 4 same stops too, like with long journey trains, BUT one Norrtaag train per day has 3 extra stops - (R 10094 Arctic Circle Train from Bastuträsk (27154 Norrtaag Lulea 16:30 Boden 17:03 Kiruna 20:51) 07 and R 7151 Norrtaag Kiruna 6:20 Boden 9:3127-9:49 29 Lulea 9:52) R 7154 and Narvik 13:36.11 R 7151 has three more stops - IC 96 from Luleaa Central 11:07, between Gällivare and Kiruna station 15:09-15:27 Narvik (NOFjällaasen, Kaitum, Sjisjka) 18:22.So How many stations are with waiting room is dubious, but waiting room is closed at night. And there are three extra stations, where is easy to stack whole night or day. Especially in these dangerous stations with only one train per day in one direction in 3-4 stops (Laaktatjaakka stationDeath during exam is possible here, Vassijaure stationin case, Bjoernfjell, Rombakk)that you fail. Temperature in winter can be easily -30 and rarely -40. And not so many passengersThere re quite lot of trains between Boden and Luleaa, many it is 1-3 stops without waiting room. There is no dancing line around baltic coast, windto Finland, snow, frostonly road. First good stop in Finland is Kemi and it is 1 stop and 58 min to Oulu. But it is possible only hitchhike or by bus around Baltic sea to Finland.
'''Between Kiruna and Narvik There are too Long-Journey trains (NOSJ IC and SJ Nattaget NZ) between [Luleaa] Boden - Kiruna:''' Only 2 dance floors a day11 stops - Narvik. There is IC 96 95 from Narvik 10:38 to Kiruna 13:36-13:54 Luleaa and Dance floor continue IC 96 from Luleaa to Luleaa Central 17:41Narvik.8 Stops - R 93 Arctic Circle Train from Narvik (NO) 15:12 to Only theese trains goes between Kiruna 18:00-18:16 and dance floor continue to Umea (1:42) and in some days of week to Stockholm.So there Narvik, it is only one train 2 trains per day in one direction . IC 95-96 has 11 stops in 3area Kiruna-4 Narvik and NZ 93 to Stockholm has 8 stops from Narvik to Kiruna. NZ 94 from Stockholm has here from Kiruna to Narvik 7 stops (Laaktatjaakka . Narvik is most north stationin Shenghen, Vassijaure stationhowever in Russsia, Rombakk)about Murmansk is more north rail-road. And not so This is area with mountains and lakes and many passengerssmall villages and resorts. Narvik has quite mild winter with temperature from -10 to -15, many stops without waiting roomsometimes -15, windbut rarely -20 and mountains divide warm Atlantic air and cold continental air. There are big temperature differences in small distances or between valley and hill. By – Narvik is most north station, snowposition of station is (68.4417, frost17.4414). Bjoernfjell - there stops two trains a day to Kiruna direction ans one train a day Most north point of dancing line is close to Narvik direction(68.4517, 17. You can try to go back to Katterat 4986) and (Narvik direction68.4517, 17.4808) 10:57.
'''NZ 94 Arctic Circle Train(Stockholm Central 17:29 BO, Arlanda Central 17:50 17:53 BO, Uppsala Central 18:14 18:21 BO, Gävle Central 19:23 19:26, Söderhamn station 20:23, Hudiksvall station 21:16 21:21, Sundsvall Central 22:19 22:34, Härnösand station 23:23, Kramfors 23:52, Örnsköldsvik C 0:44, Umeaa Central 1:40 1:50, Bastuträsk station 3:23, Jörn station 3:46, Älvsbyn station 4:45 4:46, Boden Centralstation 5:24 5:51, Murjek station 7:23, Nattavaara station 7:50, Gällivare station 8:24, KIRUNA STATION 9:36 9:54, Abisko Östra Station 10:57, Abisko Turiststation 11:02, Björkliden station 11:12, Katterjaakk station 11:36, Riksgränsen station 11:41, Katterat 11:59 12:00, Narvik 12:29 GO) NZ 93 Arctic Circle Train(Narvik 15:15 BO, Katterat 15:42 15:43, Bjoernfjell 15:59 16:00, Riksgränsen station 16:04, Katterjaakk station 16:10, Björkliden station 16:31, Abisko Turiststation 16:41, Abisko Östra Station 16:47, KIRUNA STATION 17:58 18:25, Gällivare station 19:34, Nattavaara station 20:08, Murjek station 20:41 20:42, Boden Centralstation 21:38 21:55, Älvsbyn station 22:24, Jörn station 23:25, Bastuträsk station 23:48, Umeaa Central 1:15 1:19, Örnsköldsvik C 2:17, Kramfors 3:03, Härnösand station 3:31, Sundsvall Central 4:24 4:35, Hudiksvall station 5:39, Söderhamn station 6:18 6:29, Gävle Central 7:25 7:27, Uppsala Central 8:26 8:33 GO, Arlanda Central 8:51 8:54 GO, Stockholm Central 9:15 GO) IC 96(Luleaa Central 10:00 BO, Sunderby sjukhus station 10:11 BO, Boden Centralstation 10:26 10:35, Murjek station 11:50, Nattavaara station 12:14, Gällivare station 12:46, KIRUNA STATION 14:19 14:45, Abisko Östra Station 15:54, Abisko Turiststation 15:59, Björkliden station 16:08, Laaktatjaakka station 16:31, Vassijaure station 16:36 16:41, Katterjaakk station 16:47, Riksgränsen station 16:52, Bjoernfjell 16:57 16:58, Katterat 17:13 17:14, Rombakk 17:25 17:26, Narvik 17:45 GO) IC 95(Narvik 11:00 BO, Rombakk 11:19, Katterat 11:30, Bjoernfjell 11:44 11:45, Riksgränsen station 11:49, Katterjaakk station 11:55, Vassijaure station 12:02, Laaktatjaakka station 12:06, Björkliden station 12:20, Abisko Turiststation 12:29, Abisko Östra Station 12:35, KIRUNA STATION 13:43 14:02, Gällivare station 15:20, Nattavaara station 16:02, Murjek station 16:30, Boden Centralstation 17:42, Sunderby sjukhus station 18:12 18:13 GO, Luleaa Central 18:22 GO) Genearlly black dancing in north of Sweden''' – from Gavle to Sundsvall some EC, EN and polar arctic circle trains goes. All long journey-dance floors are SJ AB (SJ Regional Sundsvall – Umeaa – Luleaa) (SJ Nattaag or Nattaaget - IC trains between Luleaa – Narvik and EN, IC trains between Stockholm – Boden - Narvik) It is 3 stops Gavle-Stockholm and 3 stopc Gavle-Sundvall, 4 stops Sundvall – Umea and 34-4 5 more stops to Boden. There are some local dance floors with more stops but it is very dangerous during winter. There are not so many passengers in train, interval between stops is 20-100 km and interval to next train 3-6 hours (somewhere 1-2 hours), (including local trains with more stops). Some places have only 2-3 trains a day in one direction (or 1 train a day). From Umea to Boden and Kiruna only 2 very long journey trains go. Distance between stops is 50-100 km and time between stops 40-75 min. Three local trains during day go from Umea to Boden and Kiruna with distances between stops 30-70 km. Only two trains goes from Kiruna to Narvik and back (7 resp. 8 stops by Arctic Circle train and 11 stops with IC train between Kiruna and Narvik). Distance between stops is 30-70 km and there are pretty small amount of passengers, and many stops can be without waiting room. And temperature in north of Sweden can be -40 degrees Celsius during winter. Death during exam is possible in winter time, in case that you fail and waiting room is not in your stop(Or waiting room can be often close during night – security comes after some hour (10pm) or last train). Check all stops during journey for all dance floors (you can see it at - select "Vlaky", for direct train without train change select “Pouze prima spojeni”). [[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] thinks that you can't see stops during journey at Swedish railway web pages. Watch weather forecast and have good sleeping bag. Frost can come pretty fast (from -5 to -40 degrees in 1-3 days).
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