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Phnom Penh

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== Hitching out ==
=== South towards [[Kampot]], [[Sihanoukville]], [[Koh Kong]] ===
There is a roundabout called Choam ChaoChaom Chau (វង្វង់មូលចោមចៅ) [11.5344N, 104.8296E], 12 km from the city center or 2 .6 km from the airport entrance. This is where the national roads NH3 and NH4 start, one (south) to Kampot and one NH4 (west) to Sihanoukvillestart. This makes a good hitchhiking spot. A tuk-tuk from the train station will be between 2 US$ and 6 US$, depending on the time and how good you haggle. [ Public bus number 3] goes to the roundabout beginning at the Night Market, and Public Bus number 4B (but NOT 4A) goes to the roundabout through Chroy Changvar Bridge, Wat Phnom, Central Market, (north of) Orussey Market, and Daeum Kou Market following St.217, and goes along the NH4 (get off at the last stop to get a better hitchhiking spot to Sihanoukville or Koh Kong).
=== East towards [[Ho Chi Minh City]] ===

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