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Frankfurt am Main

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=== South ([[Karlsruhe]], [[Strasbourg]], [[Freiburg im Breisgau|Freiburg]]) {{Autobahn|5}} ===
Go by subway (U-Bahn) line 6 to the last stop "Heerstraße", continue walking the path along the rail-track on the left side northward. Walk over the fields until the Autobahn and cross via the underpass. You´ll see a small steep footpath on the right. Go there and you are on the [[rest area]] "Taunusblick" on the [[A5 (Germany)|A5]]. The whole journey takes not more than 25/30 minutes from the city center (10 minutes walking only). Attention: There is no exit or entrance for cars going north on A5/E451! You can only use the rest area ''Taunusblick'' to travel South!
=== West ([[Cologne|Köln]], [[Dortmund]]) and East ([[Würzburg]], [[Munich]]) {{Autobahn|3}} ===
"Rastanlage Weiskirchen" has two sides, north and south for going east or west. A bridge over A3/E42 (east of the station) connects both sides. From Frankfurt you can reach this place in around 60 minutes. From Frankfurt DB main train station, you should take S-Bahn S1 direction: "Rödermark Ober-Roden" to the stop "Weiskirchen". Wander through the town on "Bahnhofstraße", "Schillerstraße" and "Pommernstraße", later through the cropfields first in east- then in northward direction until you can see the Autobahn.
[[user:helen.neleh|Helen]] says: Hard to find direct lifts to the North (Berlin). Still, a nice women took me to the next petrol station (only 5 min away) from where I found someone going to A5. Once there, it's pretty straight forward. I went in the middle of the night and it only took me six hours to Berlin.
=== If you're a Frankfurt university student... ===...then you probably have a Semesterticket giving you free rides on RMV transport. If you're going long distances, then use your Semesterticket to get yourself as far on your journey as possible! This also applies to anyone with a Hessenticket.* For all destinations '''North''' eg. , [[Hamburg]], [[Bremen]], [[Denmark]], and '''East''' eg. , , , [[Berlin]], [[Poland]], first take a train to [[Alsfeld]], and use the service station near there (journey time 90–120 minutes from Frankfurt, but can be well worth it).* For all destinations '''South''' eg. , [[Strasbourg]], [[Switzerland]], first take a train to [[Bickenbach]], and use the service station near there (journey time also 90–120 minutes from Frankfurt, not such a wonderful place as Alsfeld but it can still help). == Food ==* Take U-Bahn line U6 or U7 to “Leipziger Straße” to find a cheap selection of market stalls, restaurants, fast food, supermarkets, international callshops, and shops selling small but Othere useful items like knives or umbrellas.* Nearby (also U-Bahn line U6 or U7, and Straßenbahn line 16 or 17) is “Bockenheimer Warte”. Here is the university – ask students at the library (“Uni-Bibliothek”) to give you free internet access. The university cafés serve cheap, healthy food and are open to everyone – look young, confident and busy, and you won't have to show a pass to get a student discount.* Take Bus 36 from "Konstablerwache" to Adlerflychtplatz. Just next to the Bus-Stop is the "Aroma" an israeli Falaffel Store. For 3.80 you will get the best Falaffel Sandwich in the world. Or at least in Frankfurt. == Internet ==Many cheap options (1-1.50 EUR per hour) on the streets around Hauptbahnhof. == Public Transport info ==You definitely need a Ticket for Public Transport. *User trt rode the tram in July 2011 and encountered Controllers. They were easily spotted in white shirts, black pants, and some wore grey vests. They also barely glimpsed at the tickets, so a used ticket could easily pass.*[[User:Quarim{{nomadwiki|Quarim]] can confirm this - there are many controllers in Frankfurt public transport and you will be checked often. Even the tricks like buy a ticket for childs under 12 and make the stupid tourist when controleld didn't work for him*User tawax lives in Frankfurt and took the public transport very often. They are not many controllers in Frankfurt, and some of them are easily to see. You can try to have a ride without a ticket, but be in the front of the train/bus to see if some controllers are coming.}}

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