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'''Kazakhstan''' (also spelled '''Kazakstan''') is a country in [[Central Asia]].
[[File: - [[User:Korn|Korn]] making friends with kazakh police]]
Hitchhiking in Kazakstan isn't predictable. You can get 4-day rides with trucks or just rides of a few kilometres to the next village. People often offer rides out of cities when they see you walking.
[[File:kazdesert.JPG|300px|thumb|right|From time to time cars need to get rescued out of the desert]]
The road between Aktobe and [[Aralsk]] is terrible, with little asphalt. Vehicles get stuck in the mud all the time and crossing the country this way can take days.
And the local slang for no money is "Kapusta Pusta!" (Literally means "the cabbage is empty") and it's a good way to make those grumpy west Kazakh smile. Witch helps.
[[File:kazrestaurant.JPG|300px|thumb|right|Restaurant for truck driver]]
== Cities ==
* [[Almaty]] (the former capital, called ''Alma-Ata'' in the Soviet era, and the country's largest city)
* [[Taraz]]
* [[Turkestan]]
[[File:myfriendisacow.JPG|300px|thumb|right|Not so crowded country, but friends on the road are easy to find]]
== Border Crossing ==
=== [[Azerbaijan]] ===
'''Khorgos''' border crosing: the only allowed way to cross border is by bus. Border is very serious: dogs, watchtowers, barbed wire, walls, soldiers, about 4 checkpoints between countries, scanners, walls, walls... Crossing border takes about 2-3 hours. It looks like border between worlds and it really feels like that from the cultural point of view. Buses are paid, but [[User:z-z-z88|z-z-z88]] ([[User talk:z-z-z88|talk]]) managed to get a free ride without seat from China to Kazakhstan in 2016. In China without bus ticket you are not allowed even approach border, but bus leader can take you through these pre-border checkpoints.
[[User:Korn|Korn]] managed to find a ride at the border with a wedding society. It is just a couple of kilometers to the Kazakh side. From there you can walk, once you pass the gate to the customs.
== SIM-cards ==
File:kaznowehere.JPG|Landscape in KZ can seem endlessFile:mjammjam.JPG|Be aware about toilettes like this on the roads, so spoil yourself with some tissuesFile:Einkamelisteinwunder.JPG|He refused to give a lift

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