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'''NOTE: The Trabzon fun is over! The MFA code/invitation letter is needed there as well now.'''
At least europeans get '''visa on arrival''' if coming from [[Armenia]]. Border towns are [[Meghri-Nordooz border crossing|Meghri and Nordooz]]. Border's open 24/7, but visa office closed on weekend (friday and thursday) and at night time, maybe they let you wait/ sleep in the customs building, there's a toilet and little shop. [ It may be closed at other times too.] Works '''without invitation letter'''/ tourist agency code! As of late 2016 prices are 75€ for single entry and 90€ for double entry, which leaves you with two times the full 30 days! In between take one of the  '''NOTE: It seems that it is not possible to get VOA for Iran on Meghri border anymore. We tried that today and were refused. Soldiers at the Iranian side said it is impossible and we should get back to Yerevan and apply for it there. Stadas" [[ferries across the Persian Gulf]] ;-)<br/>
Coming overland from anywhere else you'll need to get the visa beforehand in one of the iranian consulates (Ankara, Erzurum, Istanbul, Tbilisi, ...). Without MFA code/ invitation letter you'll be rejected however. Agencies like or do this for you, costs about 30-40$ and takes a week or two.

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