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:User [[User:Halt, Stop! Reudnitz kommt.|Craig]]: ''Iran turned out to be the best country to thumb up lifts. Even the other countries were far easier to hitchhike than Germany. With one exception … India. We had an awesome time hitching Indian tractors etc. but hitching there is exhausting: Sometimes it takes you more than half an hour to simply explain what you do. Other reasons: Extreme cheap public transport and scarce long distance traffic on roads. Can you imagine that one of the four principal highways leaving 20-million-Mumbai is a two-lane (!!!) road? Anyways. If you can stand long waits go for it! It '''is''' possible!'' []
:User [[User:Rumunskoje|Rumunskoje]]: "''I have just finished my hitchhiking trip through India. So here are some tips to share which I hope will be helpful. But keep in mind, that they are based on my experience so there can be some variables. 1. Hitchhiking in India IS possible. Be self-confident and never give up, even if everybody tells you that it's impossible. 2. HH here is easy, but a little bit complicated. First of all, it's not possible to catch a ride inside of the city because of thousands of rikshaws, motor rikshaws, cabs and other vehicles. The suburbs are endless and hardly walkable. The only way to get out of the city is by bus or train. But the thing is that bus drivers don't speak English, so it's quite challenging to explain them what you need. However, when I was walking throughout the city I was given a lift by couple of bikers without hitchhiking. 3. NOBODY actually knows what hh is. The best answer is: "I'm walking". If they keep on questioning continue by saying that you're walking along the road, stopping cars and asking for a free LIFT". The key word is a LIFT. 4. If you say that you don't have money for transport, Indians will offer you some money, food, bus and train tickets, accommodation and even alcohol. Sometimes it's really difficult to refuse. 5. Be prepared for being picked up by trucks and motobikes. Normal cars are rare here. 6. Truck drivers don't speak English, and sometimes they do not speak Hindi. Illiteracy level is quite high here. 7. ALWAYS stress that you will not pay for a ride. There are lots of types of public transport with the fixed fees. After a while you will be able to distinguish them. 8. White people are privileged. 9. If you are not extremely lucky, you will not cover more than 400 km a day. 10. There are often ring-roads in bigger cities, so once you leave one, you risk not to get inside of the big city again. 11. Although HH in India is safe, it's better not to trust Indians too much. 12. NEVER EVER say that you support Pakistan National Cricket Team. Once I did it for fun to check the reaction. Driver stopped the car and asked me to get off. 13. FOR NOMADS: It's a good idea to stay overnight in temples. They are very clean and monks won't disturb your rest."''[]
:User [[user:PhysicsHipster|PhyiscsHipster]]: "I hitched around Kashmir in May 2016 and found it quite easy. Traffic is much more scarce, so people understand the concept better. Lots of trucks will stopped, and didn't expect payment. Knowing hindi was a huge asset, as most people don't speak English in remote areas. Also be careful of the altitude, as it can mess with you."
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