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== Hitchhiking ==
In Brazil, hitchhiking is referred to as ''pegar uma carona'', which means taking a ride. On roadsides, care must be taken because of the erratic ways of Brazilian motorists. Many use the slip lanes to overtake traffic or swerve to allow others past. Hitchhiking on motorways is not illegal, but if you just follow the common rules, like hitchhiking in a place where the cars can stop, you'll be fine. Having a sign with the city that you are heading is a great idea and will definitely increase your chances of getting a ride.
=== Tax offices ===
One of the best things about Brazil are the truck tax offices (Postos fiscalesfiscais). These are buildings along a highway, usually in a city or townwhich is a border with another Brazilian state, but sometimes along the route. Truckers who use that route generally have to stop and get their papers stamped at a window. The staff are generally hitchhiker-friendly, so you can stand outside the window with a sign or ask the drivers for rides.
=== Gas Stations ===
You can get rides easily by asking drivers at [[Gas stations]] (Postos gasolina). Attendants are usually friendly and let you sleep behind them. In the north, they tend to have free coffee and showers too!  === Police Stations ===Some cities have federal police stations alongside with the road, they are called PRF (Polícia Rodoviária Federal). Every car that passes by those stations (which are always yellow and blue) reduce the speed, so it's a great place to hitchhike. You can also talk with the police officers, which are usually friendly and help you getting a ride.
== Regions ==

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