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'''Hitchgathering''' is the name of a series of international hitchhiking gatherings held in Europe and Northern America [[Hitchgathering#Past_events|since 2008]]. For the 10th anniversary the idea of ''Transeuropean Hitchgathering'' was created. The three main [[Hitchgathering/2017#locations|locations]] are to be incorporated in a series of hitchgatherings spanning from Western to Eastern Europe, all summer long.
* '''1-6 August''' - Pre-Gathering at the [ HitchFest], [[Marco de Canaveses]], Portugal <small>([ FB event])</small>
*<small>'''in between''' [ Hot springs at Fontpédrouse], Pyrenees, France</small>
* '''10-26 August''' - Hitchgathering at Traumschule in Riebau, Germany <small>([ FB event])</small>
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