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{{DISPLAYTITLE:Hitchgathering 2017}}[[Image:Hitchgathering-2017-poster.jpg|560px]]<p class="lead">'''Hitchgathering''' is the name of a series of international hitchhiking gatherings held in Europe and Northern America since 2008. For the 10th anniversary the idea of ''Transeuropean Hitchgathering'' was created. The three main [[Hitchgathering/2017#ProposalsPast_events|proposalssince 2008]] are to be incorporated in a series of hitchgatherings spanning from Western to Eastern Europe, all summer long. </p>
* <p class="lead">For the 10th anniversary the idea of ''Transeuropean Hitchgathering'1-6 August''' - Pre-Gathering at the [http://wwwwas HitchFest]The three main locations (Portugal, Marco de CanavesesGermany, Portugal*<small>'''Ukraine) are to be incorporated in between''' [ Hot springs at Fontpédrouse]a series of Hitchgatherings spanning from Western to Eastern Europe, Pyrenees, Franceall summer long!</smallp>* '''10-26 August''' - Hitchgathering at Traumschule in Riebau, Germany* '''30-? August''' - Post-Gathering in Shypit, Ukraine
====Other Pre- Gathering locations & Post-Gatherings==dates ==* <span style="opacity:0.3">'''1-6-8 JulyAugust''' - [https[Hitchgathering/2017/Hitchfest|Gathering]] at the [ NOG20 Pre-gatheringHitchFest] in [[Hamburg]]* '''24-29 August''' - , Marco de Canaveses, Portugal <small>([https://www.ende-gelaendefacebook.orgcom/events/en1862297317342987/ Open Pit Mine Occupation in Western GermanyFB event])</small></span>
* <span style="opacity:0.3">'''10-26 August''' - '''[http:[Hitchgathering/2017/ Traumschule|Hitchgathering.orgat Traumschule in Riebau]]''', Germany <small>([ FB event])</small></span>
=== Locations === ==== Traumschule in Riebau, Germany (Main camp, 10-26 August)==== * Location: Northern Germany, close to [[Salzwedel]], in the village of [[Riebau]] at [ Traumschule] [[ map]], hosp-ex profiles on [ BW], [ CS] * Ownership/Permission: ''We are happy to host a gathering with free contributions again: food, knowledge, money, sleeping bags, what people need. [...] This is an open space and if you like, feel invited! [...] Kardan from Riebau'30 August onwards''' * Food: dumpsters below average on German standards, but more could be found, cake dumpster in [[Salzwedel]], an organic food source from local producers could be organized* Water: Drinking water is available 50 meters from where we would camp* Infrastructure: (dry) toilets, solar shower, bikes, workshops, material* Accessibility: Easy to reach, centrally located, 80-100km away from the highway ('''[[A24_(Germany)Hitchgathering/2017/Shypit|A24Gathering in Shypit]]''', [[A7_(Germany)|A7]], [[A2_(Germany)|A2]]), ~10km to Ukraine <small city [[Salzwedel]]* Huge wonderful swimming lake about ~20km away >([ Arendsee]) * Cool things to explore: an abandoned train station building, earthships, andsemi-abandoned military barracks and stufffacebook...* All summer-long project happening meanwhile: 'anti-civilisatory summer camp' with workshops and exchange of information and skills and visions ([http:/com/ts.blogsport.deevents/summercamp126119214640818/ programFB event])* Dogs are expected to be on a leash 24</7 (either physical or mental leash is okay). We are asked not to use electronics on one part of our campground. * Organizers, supporters available: [[User:n0id|N0id]], [ YOU?]* Some [ pictures] from the abandoned train station (only a part of the area) *Most tools are available, but we need to bring some cooking pots. Who can help to provide them?small>
''(Most of the information taken from [[User:Zenit|Zenit's]] [ full report])'' ==== Shypit, Ukraine (Other Pre- & Post gathering, 30-? August)Gatherings====* Location<span style="opacity: Western [[Ukraine]], Zakarpats0.4">'ka oblast, near the village ''Shypit6-8 July'' (or ''Shipot'', ''Шипот'' in Ukrainian), [- [https://gootalk.hitchwiki.glorg/mapst/o5hywrpQCu72 map]]* The site has been the location of a wellnog20-pregathering-known hippie5th-festival for many years* Ownership/Permission: unclear, the land is said to belong to nobody* Food: dumpster diving unlikely, but low cost -8th-of living -july-in-hamburg NOG20 Pre-gathering] in [[Hamburg]]</ cheap food span>* Water<span style="opacity: the water from a river nearby is reported to be drinkable* Accessibility: rather remote, minor mountain roads, far away from bigger cities, ~80km to 0.4">'''4-6 August''' - Pre-Gathering at Traumschule in Riebau hosted by [[MukachevoDTSG]]</span>* Infrastructure<span style="opacity: 0.4">'''8-11 August''', between Hitchfest and German gathering a big frame to put a tarp over with benches around a fire pit* Organizers, supporters available: Adam, meetup at [ Hot springs at Fontpédrouse], Pyrenees, France.php?title=Hitchgathering/2017&action=edit YOU?]* [ Discussion on FBpost]</span> * <span style="opacity:0.4">'''24-29 August'''(Bits and pieces of information taken from the mailing list, partly posted on - [ Pit Mine Occupation in-ukraineWestern Germany]</272 hitchwiki-talk])''span>
====Outside of Europe====
If you're on the other side of the Atlantic, watch out for news regarding a hitchgathering in July or August in the province of Minas Gerais, Brazil that is [ being organized].
==== [ HitchFest], Marco de Canaveses, Portugal (Pregathering, 1-6 August')====
* Location: in [ Marco de Canaveses] ([[Portugal]] – [[Porto|Porto's]] district), on the Montedeiras Park (Parque de Merendas de Montedeiras) at edge of the small Montedeiras mountains
* Some folks got together to organize a [ hitchhiking festival] this year in Portugal. For logistical reasons (municipality) dates had to change to 2-6 August - which is about traditional HG dates. Some folks suggested this could be this year´s HitchGathering, which the organizers would find awesome (people could come earlier and stay longer then the announced HF dates). The other nice possibility is to have the HG afterwards, and HF as a kinda pre-gathering, where we´d promote the HG and launch a hitchhiking caravan to get there.
* Concept: Goals and philosophy very close to the HG - a place where hitchhikers can share experiences, skills and inspiration and have fun together. Main differences are: pre-set program of concerts, presentations, workshops (also room for spontaneity), infrastructure, food and handicraft stalls, costs to be covered. It´s a donation-based event.
* Ownership/Permission: public land, municipality is supportive of the event
* Food: Dumpster diving should be ok in Marco de Canaveses - needs confirmation. The festival wants to support local organic producers and small food projects (from hitchhikers or local projects). The idea is to have both a self organized community kitchen and food stalls.
* Water: water sources and showers at the site, no bathing possibilities there, but several in the area
* Accessibility: 60 km away from Porto. One has to cross Spain to get to Portugal, which is generally not too bad if it´s done in one go, not leaving the main route through Spain.
* Infrastructure: we´re trying to have (from the municipality, recycling from other festivals, etc): stage, tent for presentations, tent for exhibition, chill out area, welcome area. dry toilets and showers
* There are some really nice festivals in Portugal the weekend before.
* You re welcome to join the organizing team, share ideas or help in any way! [email protected]
=== Organizing the event = ======Communication====* Hitchgatherings are self-organized: everybody makes them happen
* '''All communications about organising the gathering happen mainly [ on the hitchwiki forum].''' Plenty of the community talk happens in the [ Facebook group]
* a lot of relevant discussion happens on [ the mailing list]
* Feel free to [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|action=edit}} edit this page].
==Other Proposals= Spread the word ======= Italy ====* Tell your friends* Tell hitchhikers you meet on the roadAlessio proposed HG in Valle del Boia park* Write cardboards with, the place and date (and maybe more) and was having talks with place them at popular hitchhiking spots ... be creative and use your colorful markers!* Draw your own flyers :)* Spread the parks association for permission.word around hitchhiking clubs and websites in your country/your language==== Elsewhere? Propose a place ====* Post on your hitchhiking / travel / nomad blog or website about the gatheringFeel free * Tell your favorite hitchhiking / travel / nomad blog author to suggest other locations for write about it* Organize a pre-meeting (can be early like May/June/post gatherings around Europe!July to raise attention and connect people) * Translate a ready-made article in your local language and offer it to newspapers
Remember to tackle the following questions when you scout for a location[[Category:Hitchgathering]]* Is there space for 20-50 persons?* Can we acquire drinking water somewhere nearby?* Are there possibilities to dumpster dive or is food cheap?* How easy[[Category:Hitchgathering/difficult is it to reach the place?* How secluded is the place?* Can we just stay at the place or does it belong to somebody, do we need a permission?* Can we dig shit pits there?2017]]* Can YOU be there to help organizing in the beginning?{{IsIn|Earth}}* What else is important? Which things do we need to bring with us?{{IsIn|Europe}}

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