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*'''Longest wait: 6 hrs'''
April 16, 2017: Atlanta, GA, various I-75 on-ramps. A cumulative wait time for 3 different spots. First was 3 hrs without any success, although 2 cars stopped (both going in the wrong direction). The second spot attracted an uber driver from Haiti after approx. 20 min., who took me for free to the next exit (about 3 miles, still deep suburbia). Third spot was completely hopeless and I gave up after 3 hours in the Sun and took a bus to Tennessee the next day. It was Easter Sunday, which might explain it...
*'''Highest speed: 180 ~185 kph'''August 8June 17th, 20152017: In Bratislava to Warsaw, between Częstochowa and Radomsko. Polish guy in a 50 kph zone Mercedes van with Viennese license plates. Approximate speed as the speedometer only showed 10s of km (although this speed limit wasn't really justified in that particular spotit was between 180 and 190) Between Uzunköprü and Edirne, Turkey, brand new Skoda Rapid.*'''Best 24 Hours: 640 654 km'''August 12June 17th, 20162017: Bratislava to Warsaw to . 4 out of 5 drivers were Polish. Hitched on the highway in Bratislava on my way from Belarus. Got and got picked up very early and had some great rides along the waywithin 10 mins. Passed the 10k Beat previous record by only 14 km milestone somewhere between Piotrków Trybunalski and Częstochowa(same route, opposite direction).
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