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The Hichwiki spam protection is totally crazy. Difficult captcha and it is blocked again afcer captcha solution.
I wasn't able to writte message last year, because of this.
:: Yes, sorry, there are some problems with spam at the moment. I don't know when this can be resolved. --[[User:MrTweek|MrTweek]]<sup>([[User_talk:MrTweek|talk]])</sup> 00:58, 8 May 2017 (UTC)
It is better to contact me on mail [email protected] , because here is difficult to write something (no h.t.t.p.s, bad spam protection).
There was another message in Czech news, that one Czech girl was lost and found in German jail for blackriding for few days or weeks.
Both both can be about 8 years back, now it is not so hard.
:: You don't go to jail for black riding alone. You get a 60 € fine and that's it.
:: You will only go to jail if you refuse to pay the fine, or do something stupid like assaulting inspectors or refusing to show any kind of id. Black riding a single time is never enough for that. --[[User:MrTweek|MrTweek]]<sup>([[User_talk:MrTweek|talk]])</sup> 00:58, 8 May 2017 (UTC)
I have met in Rainbow some German friend, he explain me how it works. Ant it is something like cheat (you do not have ticket but you act like you have ticket.) If you visible say that you are blackrider, then it is not crime and you can just get penalty Eur 60.
:: Yeah, that's a very common urban legend but not true at all. Black riding is still illegal if you clearly state that you are doing it. There have been court rules about this. If you understand German, just google for "Ich fahre schwarz". Yet many people seem to believe this rubbish. --[[User:MrTweek|MrTweek]]<sup>([[User_talk:MrTweek|talk]])</sup> 00:58, 8 May 2017 (UTC)
I have quite a lot of experiences with European traveling, hitchhiking and taking trains, especially in north and in France and I try to share best information.
And even - after all CAPTCHA Spam filter do not let pas any edit with chain h.t.t.p. So I have to delete this chain even from your article - I deactivated link, because of spam filter.
:: Again, sorry for this. I really hope there will be a solution for this soon. --[[User:MrTweek|MrTweek]]<sup>([[User_talk:MrTweek|talk]])</sup> 00:58, 8 May 2017 (UTC)
Best Peter

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