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:''I'm sorry, the last thing is not completely true. In the night train from Munich to Rome I was controlled 5 (!) times, 3 times on the Italian side.''
:''Besides, on night trains they DO check regularly. Years ago it was much looser, but not anymore''
''PeterOB was dancing by night IC dance floors in autumn 2016. Sometimes (train from Germany to Rome), they do not check during a trip. But all coupes ac can be full and locked and you have to stay i in corridor (conductor will easily see you) or WC. Empty coupes are not locked. But generally - conductor has in tablet, which coupe is reserved and where should be free. And they check sometimes. Night trains are always with police.''
[[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] went to sea in Italy near Venecia and Padova in June 2015 and he was dancing a lot in this area. Another trip was in autumn 2016 from Insbruck to Palermo in 24 hours and it is called like "Toallette Storm Of Scary Prom". It was scariest dance action ever. But who want to sleep in cold Alps, if we can go to ball ?
The phrase Fines do not exist is not complete true. First dance floor, which [[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] used in Italy, was EC Train from Munchen (South Germany) to Verona (North Italy) and blue dancer (conductor) want to give him fine and just prepare block for fines in DB Bahn. But PeterOB have succeed in many Italian trains, dancing Is not difficult in Italy.
First type is '' regional dance floor '' - '''Treno Regionale'''. This type of train have distance between stops 5-30 km, usually 10-20 km. Journey of this type of train is about 100-250 km and it takes 2-3 hours with 10-20 stops. Regional trains are quite fast. This type of trains have only one conductor and conductor do not check tickets so often, he go only one-two times during whole journey, usually once 4-8 stops only. And ''regional dance floors close to big city '' (MilanMilano, Bolzano, Etc.) are best – conductor often do not check tickets for whole journey. You can find conductor in stop quite easy – he wear blue-black suit and white shirt. Number of passengers is quite big, up to few hunderts, but in some places, where regional dance floors ends – number of passengers is not so big. Some regional trains are quite crowded near big town. Conductor asks for ticket usually all passengers during checking, tot only new passengers (and time to next control is long). You never know, when conductor go. You can watch during trip if conductor is coming and walk around conductor during ride without backpack and in the area where ticket were already checked wait until conductor finish your wagon and go back after it but conductor go out of train in stops for give sign to driver – you can in this time go behind conductor in the train easy. You can do sit in WC, do not lock door and hold toilet paper – play shitting during control, not for whole journey – another passengers wants go to WC too. Because of not so often checking ticket and checking all passengers – you can not use Short Distance Ticket Trick or play that you were already checked like in central Europe. If you are found that you travel without ticket, conductor will ask you for buy ticket, but you will say that you have no money. Conductor usually ask you, where is your final destination and sometimes let you travel or kick you out. Sometimes, conductor ask you for passport, bat you will say that you do not have. He let you be. There are no coops in regional trains and conductor do not call police. Most of conductors are nice to free riders and speaks English good. Interval between regional trains is usually 1 hour and trains go from early morning to late evening. Some types of regional train have a lot of short wagons (8-12) and it is not visible so far in this train, where conductor is now. But some trains in north, near Bolzano in mountains are better – you can see whole area of train and where is conductor now and this trains are sometimes crowded and have stops and arriving time in monitors. In trains close to Bolzano – there are a lot of police because of immigrants. They as for ID only dark persons and they do not ask ticket. It is in regional train Bolzano – Brennero and EC Trains Verona – Bolzano – Insbruck – Munich.
Some faster regional dance floors ( '''RGV ''' in Sicily, '''Austrian REX ''' from Insbruck to Bolzano and back) have not so many stops and regional dance floors with long distance have not so many stops like trains close to big city.
You can wait until your wagon is complete checked and you stay sit on toilet without locked doors (like shitting). Of course, you can use short distance ticket trick or play that you was already checked, just sit calmly. If you are find that you travel without ticket, conductor ask you for buy ticket first. But you have no money. So conductor usually just kick you oft of train or he might ask you for passport in some occasions or let you travel without ticket. You can tell to him that you have no passport. There is no coops or security in this type of trains and time to next stop is not so long because of high speed.
'''Some dance floors are ''Treno Alta velocita ''.''' ''If you want to enjoy fast and scary dancing, this is good type of dance floor for it '' There are four types of dance floors ''Treno Alta Velocita '' (AV at departure board). Dancing is really scary and fast, somewhere 200-250 kph, somewhere (Between Roma and Napoli or Between Firenze and Bolonga, the speed is up to 300 kph). 300 kph is maximum dancing speed by law in Italy. But the 360 kph dancing speed is planned in since 2018. There are a lot of dance floors Treno Alta Velocita between ''Bolonga – Firenze – Roma – Napoli '', usualy once 15-30 min. There is no stop between Napoli and Roma Termini byt Treno Alta Velocita (it is 4 stops with EC trains) and stops with AV trains are usually ''Milano, Bolonga, Firenze, Roma Tiburtina, Roma Tremini, Napoli Centrale (CLE) ''. Some AV trains goes between ''Bolonga and Padova and Venezia '', some trains AV stops in ''Arrezo '', but some AV trains do not stop between Bolonga and Rome or some AV dance floors does not stop between Molano a Milano and Rome (trip takes around 130 min).
'''Trains AV (Treno Alta Velocita) ''' goes between Bolzano - Rome - Napoli (Grey AV dance floor at departure board), stops are ''Bolzano, Tremto, Roverto, Verona, Bolonga, Firenze, Roma Tiburtina, Roma Tremini, Napoli Centrale (CLE)''. Some AV dance floors continues one stop from Napoli to Salerno.

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