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Austria is not so big country in the middle of Europe and big part of this country is with mountains – Alps. There is big motorway '''A1 from Germany to Hungary''' ''(Munchen – Salzburg – Linz – Wien – Budapest)''. You can easily hitchhike there at exit of fuel stations. Another motorway goes to south – not so far from '''Rosenheim''' (Germany), the A1 motorway split to '''Munchen''' and south branch to '''Insbruck''' and '''Kufstein'''. And around Insbruck – the motorway spilts too – one '''direction to west''' (Switzerland) and one '''direction to Italy''' (Brenero, Bolzano, Verona). Insburck is big crossroad with beauty-full mountains around (up to 3300 m.n.m.). One hitchhiking place is fuel station before Insbruck. Many cars go to Italy (Sea, Skying), but there are only few cars in this fuel station, few cars go to Italy, and many hitchhikers waited there very long (few hours or even two days). Another possibility is hitchhiking with sign ''(Italy, Switzerland, Salzburg, Germany)'' before entrance to motorway in east Insbruck. Hitchhiking to Italy or Switzerland can be really bad here. If hitchhiking does not work, you just go to train station. Is it easy to jump on city bus inside Insbruck and taking it for free. (or another city in Austria) (penalty in city public transport can be for example in Wien 103 Eur) and you can go to train station or big road at the end of city.
If you want '''escape from cold to Italy'''. You try to get to Insbruck and from Insbruck to Brennero and Italy. But hitchhiking does not work so good from Insbruck to Italy. '''Brennero-Brenner''' is border Austria-Italy'''. It is around 1200 m above sea, it is narrow valley between mountains. There is motorway and rail road. It is highest and coldest point of journey. There is snow usually from November-December to March-April. Mountains around are high – up to 3300-3700 m above sea. And there is already snow in July in some places up in mountains. There is a lot of police checking in Brennero because of migration (on direction from Italy to Austria). Train track goes not so fast downhill to Insbruck (around 38km long by road). And train track goes quite fast downhill to Bolzano with a lot of tunnels. There are EC trains wit few stops and Italian local train (Treno Regionale) with lot of stops, but there s almost ticket checking. There is warmer in '''Bolzano''' than in Isbruck or Brennero, but Alps are there still, mountains and hills continue to Tremto, Rovento. Just around 30 km before '''Verona''' is tunnel for train, it means end of hills and warm low-land with palms. And south from Verona to Sicily – temperature rises, but quite slowly. It is long journey and around 5-10 degrees difference between Verona and Sicily.
'''Train stations in Austria are quite good.''' You can find on the station all trains (arrivals and departures) with all stops for every train and time for arrive and departure in every stop during trip. It is important. Some small stations for local trains can be without waiting room, But big stations are open during night (just some sitting places are closed), because of night trains. But it can be quite cold in the stations too, not so good heating system can be there.
'''Conductor usually does not check toilets.''' You can try to hide there and does not lock the door. But do not stay in toilet too long, because another passengers can go there too. Stay there just when conductor is passing around. Or you can just play like you were already checked or you just hide between many passengers, especially close to bigger town. You tan try '''short distance ticket trick''' in regional trains R and REX. You buy ticket for 15-40 km (around 5-8 Eur), you let be checked and you continue much further after. But it is quite expensive in '''EC''' and '''RailJet''' dance floors with not so many stops. If you are captured, you can be simply kicked out, especially from regional train. There is bigger probability, that conductor write fine for you in EC, RailJet or night train. Or he just kick you out. Some Peter's friends was captured in Austria (Austrian residents too), and they sometimes got fine, which will be never paid, or they has been kicked out. Penalty is around Eur 103, but you don't need to pay, if you are not from Austria, or you can give fake address.
There are really a '''lot of police checking in trains from Italy to Austria and Germany''''' (especially direction to Germany), and maybe in trains from Wien to Munchen can be police too. They control everything on platforms and many times in train (especially close to Italy-Austria border), because of Immigrants. Police checks toilets, space under seats too. But they are searching for immigrants, they do not check usually European people. And they checks ID, not tickets. But they can check some drug smuggling too.
First type is '''regional dance floor R'''. This train have a lot of stops, every 3-10 km. Interval to next train is usually 1-2 hours. PeterOB have not tried this dance floor. There can be a lot of people inside close to big city and conductor can go only one time, or not so often. But it is dubious.
The '''REX dance floor" ''' is similar to R dance floor. But distance between stops is bigger, around 15-30 km and interval to next train can be around 2 hour (include R trains shorter).
You can try short distance ticket trick – you buy ticket only for short distance (around 15-30 km, it cost 6-8 Eur), you will show ticket and you will continue longer than destination in you ticket. Or you can try to hide between passengers close to big town or toilet tactic (you just sit on toilet when conductor goes around and you don't lock the door). You can play that you were already checked after first control too, when conductor goes around.
Next type is '''EC dance floor'''. EC train goes usually once a 1 hour or once a 2 hour. Distance between stops are usually 30-80 km, conductor goes usually every stops. PeterOB tried only two EC trains for one stop only, he was hiding in toilet with unlocked doors when conductor pass around. But you can just play that you were already checked. Ticket for shorter distance than you go is possible, but not so cheap. And some EC trains (from-to Italy) are only with few passengers, these trains are quite empty. There are lot of coops in direction from Italy to Germany and they look everywhere (toilets, under seats), because they check immigrants.
There are EC trains between '''Munchen (DE) to ''' and '''Verona (IT)''' once a two hours, in both directions. Some trains continue from-to '''Venecia''' or '''Bolonga'''. Stops are: ''(München Hbf , München Ost, Rosenheim , Kufstein, Wörgl Hbf, Jenbach, Innsbruck Hbf, Brennero/Brenner, Fortezza/Franzensfeste, Bressanone/Brixen, Bolzano/Bozen, Trento, Rovereto, Verona Porta Nuova, Bologna Centrale, or erona Porta Nuova, Vicenza, Padova, Venezia Mestre , Venezia Santa Lucia)''. There are Italian conductors in Italy and probably German conductors in Germany.
Situation between Insbruck and Rosenheim is better, because there goes '''RailJet dance floor''' to Wien once a hour.

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