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==Train schedules==
Hey! I noticed you [ added train schedules] to Train article. I don't think it servers a purpose to add so detailed information there — it keeps changing all the time anyway and e.g. for Finland people can just use [] to check timetables and routes. Let's keep the article more generic shall we? :-) -[[User:Mikael|Mikael]] ([[User talk:Mikael|talk]]) 08:35, 2 May 2017 (UTC) Hey ! I added train schedules, because it is quite difficult to find stops during journey. There is Finish page , where is possible to find train connection. You can switch to English too. But there is quite a lot of Javascript (it takes lot of CPU and it can be difficult for weak PCs or TOR users). I tried to find stops during journey at (or in Sweden or in Norway), but without success. There is another page, where you can find all train connections include stops. It is Czech web for searching connections is Czech-Slovakia (all city transport, buses, trains, planes). But there is trains connection for whole Europe. But there is no English. (Odkud = from, Kam = to, Datum a cas = date and time - two edit fields, Pouze přímá spojení = without train change during journey, Pouze vlaky bez povinné rezervace = only trains without seat reservation obligatory). This application usually marks most of regional trains like REG, some commuter trains are missing (commuter trains by Stockholm, P train in Helsinki), and it marks all IC, EC or fast trains with seat reservation obligatory. Regional trains are blue there and long journey or fast dance floors are green, night international dance floors are red. Sometimes - one trains is barked like two another trains (R train Helsinki-Tampere, trains between Oslo and Goteborg), and some trains has two symbols (train between Helsinki and St. Peterburg is red INT or Green AE ). Most important for this Czech database is that you can find stops during journey. Unfortunately - you can not find in this Czech application, which stations has waiting room, or when waiting room is closed. The schedule of trains and their stops is in Finland (or Norway) quite stable, changes are quite rare and trains go with same time. The number of trains and schedule during years should be stable too. But in Sweden is situation with schedule terrible. It is every day of week another time of week for departures from stops and number of trains are changing too. And it changes during year too. There are many train companies in Sweden and there is lot of differences in marking at too. It is true, that this article is quite huge, about trains in Finland. I tried to make train schedules - description of journey and stops during journey with mall font, for example font size 8, but I do not know how to do. Better solution ever can be the collapse button - the list of trains and stops is packed to one row until you click for unpacking. Or some solution is split to more articles - some articles just like list of stops. I have list of trains and stops too in text files, it can be like download link ad file too. I have pre-written article in LibreOffice document. But when I past here, the formatting of text disappear. And formatting of bigger text here is difficult. It takes lot of CPU and sometimes page freeze. But yes, there should be some way, how to make not to big article. Collapsing the list of trains and their stops. The article about roads and hitchiking in north Lapland is quite big too. It should be more generic. Just about biggest roads (To Inari, Ustjoki E75 and E8 to Kolari, Klippjarvi, Kiruna and Narvik-Tromso-Nordkapp). There are no trains and only bus lines. has in database only pretty few buses outside Czech-Slovakia , most of buses are not there. But it should be here too, the description, how to get to Finland and the waning Death by exam. Finland has super-cold winters and lack of waiting rooms in stations.

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