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*'''Longest single ride: 516 km'''
July 18 & 19, 2015: 'twas the morning of Bayram... Samsun to Batumi - Georgian trucker, whose truck kept breaking down, while the guy had to find an ATM that would accept AmEx and a place to top up his phone - needless to say, it took 14 hours and I arrived to Batumi at 3 am(but I got there and that's what matters :)
*'''Longest wait: 2.5 6 hrs'''July 26April 16, 20152017: Turkish side of the TurkishAtlanta, GA, various I-Georgian border near Sarpi 75 on- paid off thoughramps. A cumulative wait time for 3 different spots. First was 3 hrs without any success, as although 2 cars stopped (both going in the trucker I hitched was going wrong direction). The second spot attracted an uber driver from Haiti after approx. 20 min., who took me for free to Istanbulthe next exit (check aboveabout 3 miles, still deep suburbia). Third spot was completely hopeless and I gave up after 3 hours in the Sun and took a bus to Tennessee the next day. It was Easter Sunday, which might explain it...
*'''Highest speed: 180 kph'''
August 8, 2015: In a 50 kph zone (although this speed limit wasn't really justified in that particular spot) Between Uzunköprü and Edirne, Turkey, brand new Skoda Rapid.

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