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Take metro line 3 to "Mortensrud" and get off at the last station, then cross the bridge over metro track and walk for about 300 meters. You will enter petrol station on motorway E6. Either ask drivers there, hitchhike on the busstop on the motorway just 100 meters next to the gasstation, on the onramp itself, or on the busstop before the onramp. Basically just go there and find your favorite way to find a ride going south.
You can also take the regional train going "Ski" and get off at "Nordstrand" station, one stop after Oslo-S. Once at Nordstrand, turn left and go down the little hill. The large road with a lot of traffic is the [[E18]]. You can walk about 5-10 minutes in the direction of Oslo (turning right) to the Ulvøya Island crossroad. There is a bus stop right after a traffic light and you can get picked up quite easily. Have a sign to make sure you get on to the right road.
'''Option 2 - Hellerud '''

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