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''Marcel, late 2016: I got an invitation code within a week from key2persia, since I don't use Paypal they just offered me to pay afterward, once in Iran(!) In the application I left fields for airport and flight number blank and my travel schedule was only for the first week, without naming any hotels and still it worked.''
There are three (?) main border crossings with Turkey, including [[Yuksekova-Esendere border crossing|Esendere]] and [[Bazargan-Doğubeyazıt border crossing|Bazargan]]. The crossing with Armenia is at [[Meghri-Nordooz border crossing|Nordooz]]. At least one with [[AzerbaidjanAzerbaijan]] and one with [[Pakistan]] at Taftan/ Mirjaveh, [[Bandar Abbas]] and [[Bandar Lengeh]] are sea ports if coming by [[ferry]] from [[United Arab Emirates]]. [[Chabahar]] is port if taking the boat from [[Muscat]].

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