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The ferries leave every two hours, along with Bus 40. Just follow the signs for the ferry to [[Gedser]]. It´s probably best to ask the cars queueing in front of the ticket booths, or before they buy them at the ticket offices. Drivers pay for their car regardless of the amount of passengers, and they can add passengers to their ticket at the booths. The queues are much shorter in the winter so it´s harder to speak to the drivers before they get to the booths. If you´re going to Copenhagen you can also hitch to Sweden, Trelleborg, then across across through Malmo into Copehagen. These ferries go less often and have longer queues for hitching, but the journey takes several hours. If no one picks you up, the passenger fee of EUR 7.50 is reasonable. As a pedestrian you have to catch the pedestrian-passengers-bus 30min before departure, so be there on time. On the 1hr 45min trip, you can ask other drivers if they are going in your direction. It's really easy to get a ride to [[Copenhagen]].
'''''I think this ferry is pay per passenger, not pay per car:''' ''
''In 2014 I hitched a car that took this ferry, but from Gedser to Rostock. My luck there was no person at the terminal getting on the ship in Gedser, only a computer scanning the driver's ticket and asking how many people there are in the car. His company ticket had "1 person" written on it, I asked the driver to hit the button for 1 person. He did and the bar lifted up. I don't know what would have happened had he pushed the button for two people in car.''
====[[Sweden]] and [[Finland]]====

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