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3. I'll get out on the road. Jote piode misham. (Important to stress because drivers will automatically drive to center to the bus or taxi terminal)
Do not use signs while hitchhiking, it's useless. People don't understand it is your desired destination, they will look at you strangely thinking you are showing them in which direction the city is. And of course, they already know that. In 90% of cases drivers will pick you up after you stress you have no money just because they are such hospitable and curious people. Generally, the more touristy and evidently western you look, you will be greeted more warmly. Having blue eyes and blond beard made my traveling in Iran so easy and enjoyable. Drivers tend to stop and detour for various reasons, sometimes to visit somebody, to pick somebody up, to talk to somebody and more often than not you'll be confused at ''what is it now this time?!''. If you know your location at all times and you're not in a hurry just let it be and enjoy, it might be a beginning of something really cool - meeting interesting friends, going on a trip, staying with family for lunch or staying overnight at your drivers'. There aren't so many roads in Iran so it was easy to orientate but nevertheless I found having Google maps with GPS very helpful especially since Google maps have cities in both persian and latin letters. At the same time MAPS.ME was almost useless. Iranians are incredibly hospitable and friendly and I found it important to give something back for all the kindness I would receive. Particularly while hitchhiking... Apart from showing interest in their language I would always have some cookies or nuts or something simple like that as a small sign of appreciation. It makes them really happy and proud plus it often results in Iranians giving even more. You will have to exchange phone numbers and take loads of selfies. But Iranians are not aggressive in trying to get your attention the sell something or get money from you, they are just plain nice and politely curious. It's a very safe country to travel around, hitchhiking works perfectly well, wild camping super easy. Just enjoy! Careful on the Caspian coastline, it is very touristy and thieves tend to brake into tents and steal so make sure you hide well. That's how I was robbed and I heard the same story from others too. Also, the Caspian coastline is very urban and cities are connected so it was difficult to get a longer ride and people expect money for rides a lot more than in the rest of the country. Anyway, one of the best hitchhiking countries for sure.
===Hitchhiker [[User:MOAH|Iris Veldwijk - Mind of a Hitchhiker]]===

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