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'''''Paso Colchane - Pisiga''''' on the CH15 between Colchane in Region I Tarapacá and Pisiga Bolivar in the Oruro Department. It's at 3700 meters above sea level and the border is open from 08:00 till 20:00 (at least in the summer; we don't know if it's open year-round). The immigration offices are about 100 meters apart and the total distance from town to town is about 2 km. On the Bolivian side is a gas station at the end of town in direction Oruro. Let us know if you hitchhiked this border!
There are 2 buildings which both have Bolivian and Chilean customs. You'll want to head straight for the second building. This crossing seems to be primarily used by buses and when TheLoneBaker came through in January 2017, the line took roughly 2 hours and then had to wait several hours for a ride on the other end.
The customs here appears to be very lax despite all the posted warnings of bringing plant and animal products as they didn't actually ask me if I had anything when they went to X-ray my luggage. I gave up my honey but I'm quite certain had I left it in my pocket they would never have known. Just be sure to tick the box on the form saying you have something to declare so you can feign innocence if you do get caught. I also had a bag of cocoa leaves which they let me keep without issue.
Additionally, it appeared to TheLoneBaker that many people were bypassing customs completely and there were even people with carts who would load luggage and push it to the other end by going around the fence.
'''''Paso Salar de Ollagüe''''' between Ollagüe in Region II Antofagasta and Avaroa in the Potosí Department in Bolivia. Both villages have a gas station and the distance between immigration offices is 6 km. It's open from 08:00 till 20:00 year-round. The road is made of gravel and there's parallel train tracks. The nearest Chilean city is Calama and in Bolivia it's the city of Uyuni. Let us know if you hitched this border!
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