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This is a list of all (presumably) hitchable border crossings between Chile and Argentina. It first appeared on the page of [[Argentina]], that's why they sound like going from Argentina to Chile and not the other way around. Follow steps in opposite order if you are coming from Chile and going to Argentina. Not all of them have information yet, so if you hitched one, please add info!
'''Chilean Argentinian Border Crossings North to South'''
The following is a list of all the major border crossings between Argentina and Chile, sorted out by [[User:MOAH|Mind of a Hitchhiker]] and ordered from north to south. Not all of these have been hitchhiked by HitchWiki contributors. As most of them cross the Andes mountain range, not all of them stay open year round. Some might be hitchable in summer during the tourist season, but not outside that. Do your research before you cross! This was the disclaimer.

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