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== Personal Experiences ==
''Hitchhiking Chile is coming home. Over the course of 2016 and 2017, I've hitchhiked in all regions of Chile for more than three months in total - and I'm currently here again. It's really easy to become friends with your drivers and my sketch-o-meter when driving with guys didn't move much. Freecamping is ingrained in their culture and no one tried sending me to a paid camping or hostel when I asked to get out at a beautiful spot. Hitchhiking over the summer holidays can be annoying when you're at the beaches. The police picked me up, the guy from customs drove me to his village and the mayor of Vallenar gave me a lift. I hitched to one of the world's most famous telescopes at Paranal Observatory and managed to stop a truck in the dense fog around Punta Arenas. All major roads have nicknames, like "Ruta de las Estrellas" and "Ruta de Madera" to keep things entertaining. If I ever had to hitch about one country forever, it would be Chile.'' - [[User:MOAH|Mind of a Hitchhiker]]
''Of all the countries I've traveled in the Americas, Chile was noticeably the easiest to hitch in (perhaps tied with México). Though unlike México, there is an abundance of personal vehicles in Chile. All of my hitching there was done in a pair (one male, one female). Waits were hardly ever longer than ten minutes, regardless of the setting, even in the middle of the night on the side of a high-speed freeway.'' - [[User:jhoule|jhoule]]

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