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Be aware that many roads in Chile are very remote and made of dirt; any road that starts with a 'Y' classifies as a rural route, (known locally as a ''reten''). Some of these roads do not recieve ''any'' traffic for days, sometimes weeks at a time. Use caution when hitchhiking on one of these. You may think you can hike it for fifteen or twenty kilometres and then hitch a ride, but sometimes the cars won't pass until it's too late. [[User:Themodernnomad|themodernnomad]] once nearly died of thirst in the Altiplano near the northern border of Argentina and Bolivia because he started walking towards [[Salta]] from a Chilean iron mine and went almost three days without seeing a car.
== Regions and their Cities ==* Ordered in direction north to south. There's 15 regions (''regiónes'') and they're not numbered in logical order. They use Roman numerals. '''XV Región de Arica y Parinacota''' ⇒ [[AntofagastaArica]]* '''I Región de Tarapacá''' ⇒ [[AricaIquique]]* '''II Región de Antofagasta''' ⇒ [[Concepción|ConcepcionAntofagasta]]* '''III Región de Atacama''' ⇒ [[Copiapó|Copiapo]]* '''IV Región de Coquimbo''' ⇒ [[CastroLa Serena]]* '''V Región de Valparaíso''' ⇒ [[ChillanValparaíso]]* — [[IquiqueViña del Mar]]* '''RM Región Metropolitana de Santiago''' ⇒ [[La SerenaSantiago de Chile|Santiago]]* '''VI Región del Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins''' ⇒ [[Puerto MonttRancagua]]* '''VII Región del Maule''' ⇒ [[Puerto VarasTalca]]* '''VIII Región del Bío Bío ''' ⇒ [[Punta ArenasConcepción|Concepcion]]* — [[Santiago de Chile|SantiagoChillan]]* '''IX Región de La Araucanía''' ⇒ [[Temuco]]* '''XIV Región de Los Ríos''' &Arr; [[Valdivia]]* '''X Región de Los Lagos''' ⇒ [[Puerto Montt]] — [[Puerto Varas]] — [[Osorno]] — [[Castro]] '''XI Región Aisén del General Carlos Ibañez del Campo''' ⇒ [[ValparaísoCoihaique]]* '''XII Región de Magallanes y de la Antárctica Chilena''' ⇒ [[Punta Arenas]] — [[Viña del MarPuerto Natales]]
== Towns ==

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