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== Hitchhiking out ==
=== North towards [[Sacramento]], [[Bay AreaSan Francisco]] (I-5 and CA-99) and South towards [[Los Angeles]] (I-5)===
* '''Wheeler Ridge Truck Stop'''
There is a public bus X92 from Downtown Bakersfield to Tejon Ranch and the truck stop, unfortunately there are just a few a day and only Monday till Friday. Buses leave the Transit Center which is located on the corner of Chester Avenue and 22nd Street at 3.50 am, 5.55 am, 7.55 am, 9.55 am, 12.30 pm, 5.15 pm and 10.30 pm. It takes around one hour and ten minutes to get there. Single ride costs $3. Once at the truck stop you can ask around or hitch at onramps, they have wide shoulders to pull over.
== Public transport ==
Public transit in Bakersfield is decent enough, unfortunately not much information can be found at bus stops. For more info go to [ website].

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